After Celebrity Big Brother’s Carson Kressley Was Tricked Into Betraying Shanna Moakler, He Reveals What He Wants To Say When They Meet Again

Former Queer Eye star and recent Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 cast member Carson Kressley has left the game. But before doing so, he realized he made a grave error during the competition. Fans watched in awe as Carson turned on his alliance member, Shanna Moakler, and voted her out of the house due to rumors spread by choreographer and Big Brother superfan Todrick Hall and fighter Miesha Tate. Now, Kressley is revealing what he'd say to Moakler when they meet again.

Carson Kressley quickly realized his mistake when he immediately found himself on the block following Shanna’s exit. When he spoke to CinemaBlend, he revealed thta he owes her an apology. I asked Carson what he might say when he runs into Shanna again, and he responded by saying:

I’m an idiot. You were right all along, you were the true friend, and the person that I thought was a friend was not a friend. I’m so sorry. That never should’ve happened, and it’s all my fault. I’m sure you’re not going to forgive me, but I did want to put the apology out there and let you know that I felt awful about it.

Viewers likely aren’t shocked by his statement, as he expressed a lot of regret to Julie Chen Moonves not long after he left the game. Carson Kreesley was upset that Todrick Hall duped him and convinced him that Shanna (who we spoke to following her eviction) played both sides of the house and needed to leave over Miesha as a result. Kreesley, perhaps, felt the move would keep him safe but really was of little consequence.

The former reality TV star had a rough run on Celebrity Big Brother and, while he won Head of Household, he also got nominated three times. Houseguests who are frequently nominated (like Season 23’s Britini D’Angelo) tend to struggle with the amount of targeting, but Carson took it on the chin and never seemed too bothered by it. I asked what his secret was to staying in the house and remaining calm the entire time, even after his eviction, and learned the following.

Well, I would normally say wine but they don’t give us very much of that. I just tried to remember that this is a game show, essentially. We’re celebrities. We shouldn’t be that thirsty for, you know, a paycheck. I just tried to play it a little more casually and it wasn’t that big of a deal. What’s going on in the real world is important, and this is a game. So, I treated it like a game.

It’s clear he wanted to win, but he seemed more concerned about setting things right with Shanna Moakler (who recently spoke about her Kardashian connection) than his own eviction. Now, after hearing his mindset about playing the game, it’s easy to understand why he wasn’t willing to do whatever it took for the prize money. In the end, he really just wanted to have fun with the game. 

Carson Kressley will join the rest of the evicted houseguests and decide the winner of Celebrity Big Brother, which airs over on CBS on Wednesday, February 23rd at 8:00 p.m. ET. When it concludes, the wait for Season 24 of the flagship show will be on! Be sure to keep an eye out for its premiere date and those of other new shows that are coming in 2022. 

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