Travis Barker’s Ex Shanna Moakler On How She Feels About Kourtney Kardashian And Her Family Being Part Of Her Children’s Lives

Travis Barker, Shanna Moakler and Kourtney Kardashian side-by-side
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Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian have undergone somewhat of a whirlwind romance. After barely a year of dating and big-time PDA, the two got engaged last October. The Blink-182 drummer and Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum have also been blending their families, as one does, in the interim. Barker’s ex, Shanna Moakler, is now sharing her thoughts about the infamous reality TV family being a major part of her children’s lives – and it’s kind of surprising.

To be close with the Kardashian-Jenners is to, essentially, be close to drama unfolding on almost a daily basis – as we’ve seen of late concerning Kim Kardashian’s problems with her ex Kanye West. And it can’t exactly be avoided by Shanna Moakler’s kids (if it ever could) now that the father of those kids and Kourtney Kardashian are making wedding plans. As for how Travis Barker’s former wife of four years feels about their son and daughter being close with them, apparently… she’s OK with it. She told Entertainment Tonight:

My children are my first priority and, that's one thing that I think Travis and I do agree on. That's probably the only thing we agree on, but our children come first and their happiness. As long as the Kardashians are good to my kids, that's all that matters to me as a mom. As long as they're happy, and that's the key.

That sounds copacetic and all, but Shanna Moakler did in fact make a lot of incendiary comments about her kids’ future family by marriage not too long ago. Along with accusing Kim Kardashian of cheating with Travis Barker during their marriage, she also claimed that Kourtney was "destroying" her relationship with her kids. But it would seem that Moakler is hoping to put that behind them entirely, saying to the outlet that she’s not “obsessed,” “bitter” or “jealous” as the world thinks she is.

The 46-year-old added that it’s possible that her two teenagers – Landon, 18 and Alabama, 16 – might be in the new Hulu series of the big-name family, simply called The Kardashians. She supports them in the endeavor – just not enough to be a viewer herself. She said:

I won’t be tuning in. But I think it's fine if this is an opportunity that they want to be a part of.

Lately, Shanna Moakler herself has been at the forefront of television drama as a castmate on Celebrity Big Brother. She was recently evicted from the house, but dished to ET about what it was like seeing Khloé  Kardashian’s ex Lamar Odom there. Moakler said that her and Odom had a shared “connection,” what with Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian’s engagement, and he shared how much he “still cares” for Khloé . Their brief friendship on the CBS show, though, is supposedly not going over well with Moakler’s boyfriend...

Alas, it's all in the family now -- the Kardashian family that is. While Shanna Moaker turns her attention elsewhere, you can check out The Kardashians when the new Hulu series premieres on April 14. Plus, there are a few other Hulu original shows that fans can check out in the meantime.

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