The Fun Masked Singer Tradition Todrick Hall Shared With The Big Brother Cast

Performing on The Masked Singer can be a fun and meaningful experience for contestants involved, but it can also be stressful. Contestants have to hide their involvement on the show from those they’re closest to, or else they must trust those people not to spill the beans and ruin the surprises (presumably on social media). For most celebrities, that level of trust is usually reserved for family members, but for YouTuber-turned-superstar Todrick Hall, it was spread amongst a solid chunk of the cast of Big Brother Season 23

At the time when The Masked Singer Season 6 premiered on Fox, Todrick Hall had a number of cast members from Big Brother Season 23 as temporary roommates. When CinemaBlend spoke with the talented celeb, I asked Hall if he kept his new friends in the dark about his Bull-ish involvment and tried to inconspicuously watch the premiere. It turns out that viewing party inspired a new tradition with his Big Brother friends that involved everyone learning about his big secret.

I actually told them because we watched it as a group together, but I was just like, ‘Make sure you don’t tell anyone that I’m on this show.’ But, it was a tradition that everybody in the house would go downstairs and watch The Masked Singer every Wednesday. Even though I was there [on the show], I never got to hear anyone else’s performance. And I’m such a huge fan of Faith Evans and Natasha Beddingfield and everyone I wanted to watch them sing. So, we did tell them, and thank God they kept the secret.

Luckily, the Big Brother cast members (like AFP Tiffany Mitchell) didn’t spoil the surprise for the rest of America, and were apparently content to hang out and watch episodes of The Masked Singer together on a weekly basis, with and without Todrick Hall around. I can’t imagine what would’ve happened had the surprise been spoiled in such a random way. Even though it's bound to happen one day, three cheers the spoilers were on lockdown here.  

Big Brother fans were thrilled to learn the Season 23 cast continued to hang out in Todrick Hall’s home following the CBS series' finale. After that scenario played out for af few weeks, though, many of those same fans began to wonder what exactly was going on. It seemed at first like some just didn’t know when to leave, but Hall confirmed to CinemaBlend that the BB23 vets was just doing him a favor while he went out of the country for other jobs.

Yeah, it was really cool and that was such a surreal moment having the Big Brother cast here. I wish I could’ve hung out with them more, but I was actually going to London. So they were actually house-sitting for me which ended up saving me a lot in a large way because I have to pay people to house-sit for me. They were like, ‘Yeah we’ll do it for free!’ So it was a really, really good trade-off that was mutually beneficial. Hopefully, I’ll get to hang out with them soon.

I can’t blame Todrick Hall for taking the free help, especially knowing he’s a big fan of Big Brother. Who better to watch your home than a number of people who’ve already been confined to a house for months and are cut off from the outside world? The trust factor would be an issue for many, but Hall clearly had ample amounts of trust for all involved. Shout out to the Big Brother Season 23 cast members for helping out Hall, and for not spoiling America on his identity on The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer is done with Season 6 over at Fox, but Big Brother: Celebrity Edition is returning to CBS in 2022. Along with many others, I’m holding out hope we’ll see Todrick Hall in the upcoming season, though with his schedule pretty loaded with a 100-city tour, his involvement definitely isn't guaranteed. Be sure to check out all the other new and returning shows with our 2022 TV premiere schedule.

Mick Joest
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