Celebrity Big Brother’s Shanna Moakler On Leaving The Bubble, What’s Going On With Her Boyfriend, And Why It’s Hard Not To Take The Game Personally

Celebrity Big Brother’s Shanna Moakler played about the strongest game in Season 3 thus far, but fans know that evictions can happen to even the strongest players without warning. Shanna got backdoored by the other celebrity houseguests when Todrick Hall convinced Head of Household Carson Cressley and his alliance member Cynthia Bailey to flip on their alliance member and keep the equally strong player Miesha Tate in the house. 

I spoke to Shanna Moakler following her eviction on Celebrity Big Brother, and while she wasn’t thrilled to be out of the game, leaving the actual house was a treat. I asked Moakler how it felt to leave the “bubble” atmosphere of the house, and she broke down just how isolating the Big Brother experience can feel.

It was so amazing. I know this sounds so crazy, but I just took the littlest things for granted. Like just, seeing the moon and the sky and cars going down the street. Seeing a car was like, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s people out here.’ And then, obviously, being reunited with my boyfriend Matthew and seeing my animals and just being able to take a shower in my own home... It was just those little comforts that you take for granted sometimes.

Shanna Moakler (who could’ve stayed had she not lost alliance member Chris Kirkpatrick the week prior) wasn’t happy when she left Celebrity Big Brother, and with good reason. Backdoor evictions often feel unfair, as there’s little the victim of the move can do to prevent their fate. It’s good to know she’s doing better on the outside and able to enjoy the little things in life. 

Of course, a return to reality meant Shanna Moakler also learned about some outside drama that the rest of the world learned before her. Fans saw her boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau, upset about her friendship with Lamar Odom (who has spent a lot of time talking about his ex Khloé Kardashian) in the house. After Moakler brought up Rondeau, I asked if they’d had a chance to talk following all the drama, and she confirmed that they’re “in a good place.”

Yeah, I don’t really know. I haven’t been on social media at all, so I don’t really know what’s going on there. He and I are talking and working on things, and we're in a good place. So, I’m just hoping to move forward and be happy and healthy and enjoy one another.

It’s good to hear that Shanna Moakler and Matthew Rondeau had a chance to speak and seem to have an understanding amidst the drama. The Big Brother franchise can take a toll on relationships, especially when one person is in the house and the other is on the outside. 

Apparently, it can also impact relationships on the inside as well as Shanna Moakler still doesn’t feel right about how she left Celebrity Big Brother. I asked her with some time separated and as a super fan if she feels like it’s at all personal for her still or it’s just a game, and got the following in response:

Oh, it is not just a game [laughs]... I think it’s definitely hard to put those feelings aside. Definitely in the Celebrity Edition too. It’s definitely a little different because not everyone is a super fan, and not everyone knows what they’re doing our how they’re playing. Some of them–Cynthia doesn’t even know what she’s doing in there, you know? So it was frustrating because Cynthia was riding the coattails of Carson, and Todrick’s kind of riding on the coattails of Miesha, and that can be really difficult.

So, for those wondering if Shanna is going to try and influence the Celebrity Big Brother jury against the players that wronged her, she just might. Suffice to say, this could be an interesting finale (especially since Teddi Mellencamp was also fired up in our interview) once the cast gets back together to discuss the drama and decisions of the season. 

Celebrity Big Brother is still rolling strong on CBS, and the drama is heating up. In short, getting a Paramount+ subscription to get access to the live feeds is a good idea, so get on it, and get in on the fun.

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