Ahead Of Chicago P.D.'s Season 10 Finale, One Star Already Has A Fun Idea For Season 11

The end of Chicago P.D.’s tenth season has nearly arrived on NBC, and the stakes are high in the wake of the intense episode with Torres threatening to waterboard a man. Richard Beck’s plans for attack seem likely to come to fruition in the finale on May 24 despite all of Ruzek’s undercover work, but another star is already looking ahead with a fun idea for a different kind of episode. Benjamin Levy Aguilar shared with CinemaBlend an idea that would be a first for P.D. if it happens in Season 11!

Born and raised in Guatemala, the actor has played Torres on Chicago P.D. since teaming up with Jesse Lee Soffer’s Halstead for a guest appearance in Season 9, before coming on as a series regular in the current Season 10. The latest episode put Torres through the wringer, while also giving him the opportunity to speak more Spanish than usual. When asked about getting to speak his first language for the episode, Aguilar said:

It's always [nice]! If they could give me an episode in Spanish, fluent Spanish, and English subtitles, I would do it! [laughs] One, it's very beautiful to show that part of him and that different side, and two, it's a beautiful way to act, because I'm acting in my second language. If I could do a Spanish episode, I think we'd all be surprised what comes out. I would love that, and it's beautiful. Every time I have the opportunity to speak in my native language, I will always take it.

Benjamin Levy Aguilar is all-in on the idea of an episode of Chicago P.D. in all Spanish with English subtitles! The actor previously opened up about enjoying getting to speak Spanish with the actress playing Torres’ mother with “no Spanglish,” but “just fluent Spanish.” For a show ten seasons and 200+ episodes in, why not try something new in Season 11 and showcase Torres speaking Aguilar’s first language even more? NBC renewed the hit drama back in April, so there’s certainly going to be time. 

Benjamin Levy Aguilar looking conflicted as Torres in Chicago P.D. Season 10

(Image credit: NBC)

The latest Torres-centric episode (available streaming via Peacock Premium subscription) also emphasized the importance of faith to the character and his culture, which stands out on a show that does not put a lot of emphasis on religion on an ongoing basis. Benjamin Levy Aguilar shared his thoughts on playing that aspect of his character, who takes faith very seriously. The actor said:

I love it, because I think that it's a big part of the Latin culture in my country and in different countries. The culture in itself is so integrated with religion. It's just truthful to present him that way, and I think it also adds this beautiful element of his faith and the type of man he wants to be, so I feel very honored to carry a story like that.

Whether or not Chicago P.D. will delve further into Torres’ faith and give Benjamin Levy Aguilar more opportunities to speak Spanish remains to be seen. Season 10 was a time of massive change for the hit show with the departure of Jesse Lee Soffer as Halstead, and the updates on Halstead haven’t been too encouraging, especially in light of what Soffer said about potentially reprising his role. Plus, we can only hope that the entire Intelligence Unit survives what Richard Beck has planned unscathed. Check out the Season 10 finale promo:

Tune in to NBC on Wednesday, May 24 for what will evidently be an explosive finale to Chicago P.D. Season 10 to close out the final Chicago Wednesday of the 2022-2023 TV season. P.D. follows the Season 11 finale of Chicago Fire with the return of Jesse Spencer as Matt Casey at 9 p.m. ET and the Season 8 finale of Chicago Med following some Manstead mentions at 8 p.m. For some summer viewing options while One Chicago is on hiatus, check out our 2023 TV premiere schedule!

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