Could Yellowstone's Jamie Ever Get On Beth's Good Side Again? Here's What Wes Bentley Says

Spoilers below for anyone who hasn’t watched the first two episodes of Yellowstone’s Season 4, so be warned!

When it comes to infinitely uncomfortable moments between fictional siblings, Yellowstone’s Beth and Jamie win the blue ribbon, the biggest trophy, the jackpot, and whatever else is available in the prize cabinet. Their consistently contentious exchanges came to an explosive head in Season 3 when the other Duttons learned how Jamie factored into Beth’s inability to have children, and that ire certainly hasn’t dissipated in Season 4. To the point where a burned and scarred Beth promised her wide-eyed brother that she would kill him, believing he was responsible for her and others’ injuries. Doesn’t sound like a pairing destined for reconciliation, but could it still happen?

When CinemaBlend spoke with Yellowstone star Wes Bentley timed to Season 4’s surprise-filled debut, I asked if he believed there was a way for Jamie to make amends with Beth, potentially through some form of surrogacy or other means. I’d be lying if I said I expected anything but denials, but as seen in the video above, Bentley offered an opposing response, saying:

You know, I personally believe in that, always. I always believe there's a way. I always believe, in any dire situation, there's a way, and maybe even more of a way than before. So yeah, I could see it, but we're not there right now. It's definitely a war right now, and there's a fight to be had, and we might be getting to it. And it's ugly.

Seemingly more fans than ever before are tuning into Yellowstone to see the Duttons going to war, both with themselves and with outside threats. And even though Jamie doesn’t appear to have had any involvement in the attacks that injured John, Kayce and Beth (and killed numerous others), it’s hard to believe that Kelly Reilly’s fiery badass will accept that reality and move on in a genial and apologetic way. She 99.99% will still want to kill Jamie, even if one of her many motivations is rendered moot.

But Wes Bentley makes it sounds as if there might be peace in the valley one day. Jamie and Beth’s imminent battle will certainly make for some stressful TV watching, but could it actually end in a way that leads to an open lane for peace? 

I cannot quite imagine why there would be “even more of a way” for the siblings to patch things up going forward, but I also cannot wait to see how that might happen. Could it be that the larger looming threats from outside forces will cause Beth and Jamie to put aside their differences in order to work together? Will Jamie end up directly saving Beth from being killed? 

I also wonder whether Beth will feel a modicum of respect for Jamie for investing in his own ranch outside of the Y, or if she will view that as an additional betrayal against the family that raised him. On a similar note, I’m not alone in anticipating the day when Beth goes the fuck off on Jamie’s biological father Garrett, right?

What say you all, faithful readers? Is there anything on this green Earth that Jamie could do to win Beth’s favor (possibly for the first time), or will he remain a permanent entry on her Kill List? Find out when Yellowstone airs on Paramount Network every Sunday at 8:00 p.m. ET.  

Nick Venable
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