Dave Grohl Reveals The Foo Fighters Member That Refused To Learn Any Lines For Studio 666

Dave Grohl and his merry band of misfits, Foo Fighters, are collectively starring in their first feature film, Studio 666. The band members play themselves in the film, albeit exaggerated versions. In our recent interview with the rock legend himself, Dave Grohl revealed which bandmate flat-out refused to learn his lines and improvised his way through the film. 

Aside from the legend that is Dave Grohl, there are plenty of other famous members of Foo Fighters (despite the frontman’s disdain for their name). Guitarist Pat Smear has been working with Dave since Nirvana, keyboardist Rami Jaffee spent 15 years playing with The Wallflowers, and drummer Taylor Hawkins used to jam with Alanis Morisette. Speaking of Hawkins, fans of the band might not be surprised to learn that he was the one who threw out the Studio 666 script. As Grohl explained:

There's moments where I look at Taylor, Taylor refused to learn any of his lines. He said, ‘I’m just going to say whatever the fuck I want to say.’ And so in that he's fucking 100% Taylor Hawkins in this movie, you know, within the ridiculous premise of the film. But yeah, I mean, I watch it and it's like, I know those guys, I know this dude. I know what it's like to make a record with Foo Fighters. It's not that fucking bad. But you know, there's a lot of truth in those cliches in the film.

Taylor Hawkins has a notoriously goofy personality, which is kind of a stereotype of drummers in general. Hawkins has been a member of the band since 1997, so he and Dave Grohl have been rampaging their way through the music industry together for quite some time. Even though their film personas are wildly exaggerated, Grohl says there’s plenty of truth in it as well.

Studio 666 is, as Dave calls it, a “run-and-gun horror film.” In the film, the band starts recording their latest album at an Encino, California-based mansion, which they soon learn has a dark history. Blood, guts, violence, demonic possession, this film has everything you would expect from a goofy horror-comedy, but with the added meta-element of a legendary rock band playing themselves. Any Foo Fighters fan will find it to be delightful.

Foo Fighters aren’t the only stars of the film, as it boasts an impressive cast that includes Macgruber's Will Forte, Whitney Cummings, Lionel Ritchie, and the horror legend that is John Carpenter. Grohl went on to say that every one of these stars came into the project simply because they were friends from the past who understood what the band was doing. As he put it:

You just kind of open up the phone quick, and get people that realize we’re not making ‘No Country For Old Men,’ here. We’re making a run-and-gun horror film. It was really fun.

Studio 666 is in theaters right now! Even if you’re not a fan of horror, there are plenty of reasons to check it out. As for the other 2022 movie releases to look forward to, CinemaBlend has you covered. If you’re more of the streaming type, check out our 2022 Netflix release schedule.

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