Good Burger’s Kel Mitchell On Never Getting To Do A Sequel And Whether Good Burger 2 Could Still Happen

It’s been over two decades since the release of Good Burger, and the Nickelodeon movie remains as popular as ever. The film, which was based on the All That sketch of the same name, did solid box office numbers for Paramount. So with the duo’s popularity and the financial reception, one can’t help but scratch their head when considering that the movie never got a big or small-screen follow-up. Kel Mitchell recently shared some thoughts on not having gotten the chance to do a sequel and also weighed in on whether such a project can still happen. 

I spoke with Kel Mitchell in celebration of Good Burger’s 25th anniversary and the release of its limited edition Blu-ray steelbook. During the conversation, I couldn’t help but ask whether there were ever any discussions regarding a sequel immediately after the movie’s release in 1997. And the beloved actor revealed that while another feature didn’t actually happen, he and Kenan Thompson were indeed contracted for one: 

Yeah, at Paramount, we had like a three picture deal that we were doing. And then that turned into us doing Two Heads Are Better Than None, which was the horror movie that we did, and we never did the third movie. So we never did that. ... Yeah, it was, you know, it was super cool to see [Two Heads], but the fans really want a sequel. So yeah, you know, we love the fans, so you just gotta keep your ear to the street and see what happens.

For those who aren’t aware, Two Heads Are Better Than None was the 2000 TV movie that served as the series finale of Kenan & Kel, a show that fans are still enjoying via Netflix. It’s honestly a shame that the studio didn’t follow through with that third film, especially when you consider just how talented the two lead stars were (and still are). Of course, we’re currently living in the age of sequels, revivals and reboots, so just about anything is possible. After all, there was a time when Nickelodeon fans like myself didn’t think the nostalgia-filled Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie would ever see the light of day. 

It’s worth mentioning that the fast food-centered flick did technically receive a sequel, though it was released as a novel. The book, called Good Burger 2 Go, sees the lovable Ed following a short-changed customer around the globe, while the restaurant he loves experiences a crisis. The story is enjoyable, but it’s hard not to consider that it would’ve been even cooler to watch it play out on the big screen.

It’s been interesting to see how Brian Robbins’ teen comedy has managed to stand the test of time. While fans continue to enjoy it, Kel Mitchell continues to feel the love as well and can definitely appreciate the movie years later. During our interview, Mitchell also revealed the scene he and Kenan Thompson filmed that still resonates with him today. In recent years, the two revived the Good Burger skit for The Tonight Show, and it returned again when Mitchell was involved with the All That revival.

There doesn’t seem to be any true movement on a sequel right now, and such a thing may be a longshot at this point. But like so many fans, I’m not ready to raise the white flag just yet and, as Kel Mitchell suggested, I’ll be keeping my ear to the street for any updates on the matter. 

You can pick up Good Burger’s limited edition Blu-ray steelbook today! And if you’d like to dive into some of the finer points of the production, check out the thoughts I had while rewatching Nickelodeon’s All That spinoff movie.

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