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How Chicago Med Will Handle Goodwin's Health Struggles In 2022

chicago med s epatha merkerson season 7
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Spoilers ahead for the midseason premiere of Chicago Med Season 7, called “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished… In Chicago.”

Chicago Med returned to NBC in 2022 with enough of a time jump to show some of the fallout from Goodwin’s decision to report the VasCom Medicare fraud to the FBI. She (and Will) attracted a lot of attention for their roles in bringing the case to light, and not in a way that anybody other than the feds really seem to appreciate. While Will mostly had to deal with some snarky comments from Stevie, Goodwin is being pressured on multiple fronts in a season in which she has been struggling to stabilize her diabetes. Her glucose levels weren’t the best in this episode, and the showrunners previewed what’s ahead with her struggles.

Goodwin had mentioned her diabetes in previous seasons, and it was in fact the reason why she did not return to the hospital as early as others did while Med was still tackling the COVID pandemic. According to co-showrunner Diane Frolov, actress S. Epatha Merkerson had a part to play in the decision for Goodwin to struggle with her diabetes in Season 7. Frolov shared:

We've actually always wanted to do it with her because Epatha herself is diabetic, and she wants people to know that and understand it.

Chicago Med has been going slowly with this storyline for Goodwin, with her trouble stabilizing her diabetes increasing as the stress of the VasCom fraud case continued to build. Turning the case over to the FBI ultimately increased the level of stress, and there’s no indication that it’ll be letting up any time soon. Co-showrunner Andrew Schneider elaborated on the reasoning and goals for this storyline:

And understand the treatment, and how you can cope with it. But this particular storyline gave us the opportunity to put it in, in an organic way. We hope to continue that going forward after the break.

The midseason premiere made it clear that the storyline is continuing into 2022, and it’s looking like things could get worse before they get better when it comes to Goodwin’s health. Even her fun evening out with Dr. Charles that was supposed to de-stress her was ruined when Cooper showed up! At least she has Dr. Charles in her corner, and it seems like he might be a port in a storm for her. After all, the only other person who was in on the investigation with her was Will, and he’s dealing with his own issues. 

The good news is that Chicago Med isn’t going anywhere now that it has returned from its winter hiatus, and you can find the next new episode of Season 7 on Wednesday, January 12 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. The promo for the next episode doesn’t give away what’s up next for Goodwin, but it definitely looks like an intense hour of television. Take a look:

For more of what you can watch now and in the coming weeks now that we’re into the new year, check out our 2022 winter and spring premiere schedule. The TV universe that includes Chicago Med will get even bigger in February, so there’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to the Dick Wolf TV shows. Plus, fans won't have to wait too long to see Brian Tee back as Ethan again on Med!

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