Chicago Med Just Took One Doctor Past The Point Of No Return, And That's A Good Thing

Spoilers ahead for the seventh episode of Chicago Med Season 7, called “A Square Peg In A Round Hole.”

Chicago Med delivered some big twists in “A Square Peg In A Round Hole,” and some better than others. While Crockett proved himself to Dr. Blake and Ethan made his semi-triumphant return to the ED, Vanessa continues to take pills to keep herself going and Will found himself in over his head with his undercover investigation into VasCom. It was Will’s story that involved a doctor going past the point of no return, but fortunately not Will himself. Dr. Cooper is no longer going to be able to hide his sketchy dealings after he wound up in the hospital himself due to some irresponsible decisions. 

And by “irresponsible decisions,” I mean doing cocaine in front of Will while hiding out together at the conference! Cooper really went from kind of sleazy and maybe lining his own pockets with VasCom money all the way to all-out villain in “A Square Peg In A Round Hole.” And it’s not a matter of Will telling or not telling anybody about the cocaine use. Cooper overdosed, was taken to the hospital, and nearly died until Will and Ethan managed to pull off a lucky save. 

Cooper’s career has to be doomed at Med now, considering he won’t have anybody to go to bat for him like Will was willing to for Hannah, so Will’s undercover work seems to be done, and Goodwin presumably will let him keep his job after their deal at the beginning of the season

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The situation with the VasCom devices might still be sticky, as the lawyer informed Goodwin in this episode after she tried to completely ban the VasCom from being used at the hospital. There could still be legal troubles, and even health troubles, since Cooper wasn’t an official representative of the company even though he was getting kickbacks. Still, the Cooper part of the VasCom storyline seems to be done.

And that’s a good thing, in my book. Ethan returned and seems to be doing at least well enough to stick around as a doctor, if not take back the Chief duties from Archer any time soon. His seemingly incomplete recovery from the gunshot should be the beginning of a brand new storyline; if the Cooper storyline is over, then that means that Ethan’s could get some decent screen time. 

It would be a shame if that meant less of Will, but Ethan’s storyline has a lot of potential. He seems to be doing okay mentally, without showing signs of PTSD despite Archer bringing up the shooting itself. A physical struggle does seem to be in his future, even with the brace and the cane. Successfully pulling off a maneuver to help save Cooper doesn’t mean that he’s entirely recovered, and Archer knows that he’s not 100%. Whatever happens next, fans may be glad that the Cooper story is evidently over so that Ethan’s can get the airtime it deserves. 

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