Law And Order: Organized Crime's Ainsley Seiger Reveals Her Reaction To Jet's Fate And Goal For Filming The Harrowing Cliffhanger

The latest episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime brought Jet out from behind her computers and into a very dangerous undercover situation. She was determined to prove herself and stay under even when she got too close to Seamus for Bell’s comfort, and her hard work was paying off… until her wig was knocked off while trying to hustle Seamus away from killing or being killed, and a fight scene ended with Jet in the trunk of his car. Actress Ainsley Seiger spoke with CinemaBlend about the cliffhanger, as well as what she really wanted to do as part of filming the scene. 

Jet herself definitely wasn’t having fun when her cover story fell apart and she dropped the truth that she’s a cop on Seamus, only to be attacked and kidnapped. Ainsley Seiger, on the other hand, only had good things to say about getting to film the scene with The Vampire Diaries’ alum Michael Malarkey, who plays Seamus. She shared:

It was so much fun! I actually had the time of my life on that day. It might have been the day before, and I knew it was coming up, and I said to him, 'Hey, I want a picture in the trunk of that car.' I knew in advance, actually, that I was gonna have so much fun. I love stunt work, and I love getting to do combat and action scenes. I also knew that I would need proof that I was okay [laughs], mostly to send to my mother, who was not fine after watching the episode.

Although Jet has ventured out into the field more and more since Season 1, this was definitely her first fight sequence when she had no hope of backup rushing to the rescue, and a lot more brutal than what she’s experienced before. No wonder Ainsley Seiger’s mom wasn’t 100% fine after watching it! 

She did get her trunk photo, but there was one picture that she didn’t get. Touching on the promo that reveals Seamus pointing a gun at Jet in front of a grave in what appears to be a very remote location, the actress explained that’s where she didn’t get a photo she was hoping for:

I had so much fun getting to do all that stuff, and getting into a little bit of what we've seen in the promo for the next episode, I also really wanted to get a picture in the grave. I didn't get to get one, and I still am beating myself up about it. It was my first night shoot, it was freezing cold, but I did want a picture in the grave as well.

Talk about an interesting experience for a first-ever night shoot! It’s not every day that a character is stuck between a pointed gun and an open grave, and it promises to be an episode that Organized Crime fans won’t want to miss. Still, I had to ask the actress if her mom had no idea that Jet was going to be attacked and put in a trunk before watching the end of Episode 13.

Ainsley Seiger shared that she did tell her mother about what would happen after getting the script over winter break when back home in North Carolina. And as it turns out, Seiger had a reaction that fans can probably relate to! The actress said:

I had gotten [the script] sometime in the evening, and I told myself, 'Alright, I'm gonna read it before I go to bed.' I was in bed, and it was like four in the morning, and I'm reading the episode and I saw how it ended. And I was all alone. Everyone else in the house was asleep, and I was looking around my room like, 'Are you guys seeing this?!' There was no one there. I'm talking to the ghosts that are hanging out in my house. [laughs] But I was so excited when I read it and couldn't wait to get back and actually get to shoot all of it, and that it was real and that I was really being entrusted with the opportunity to do this stuff.

Organized Crime scripts are probably not the most typical choices for bedtime reading, and Ainsley Seiger got some big news about her character in the middle of the night, with nobody else up and at ‘em to hear about it. The actress went on to share how she wasted no time in telling her mother the next day, explaining:

But I told her what was going on. I actually think I woke up immediately the next day and I went to her and I was like 'You're never gonna believe what happened!' [laughs] And I texted her too, on the day that we shot all of it. I think I texted her something along the lines of 'About to get kidnapped, professionally!' She knew what was going on.

Including the “professionally” in the text was undoubtedly a very good call! After all, even the actress herself didn’t have all the details about what the payoff of the trunk kidnapping would be early on. When asked if she found out what would happen with Jet in Episode 14 when she first read that cliffhanger in Episode 13, Seiger said:

I had no idea. I didn't know a thing about what was going to happen in the next episode. I was excited to see how that would play out. Nothing like this has ever happened to Jet ever before, and it's always fun to break new ground with a character and to get to do things and experience things through them that they've never gone through before. So I had no clue what was going to happen, but I was like, 'I hope that this works out for me!'

At this point, fans can echo Ainsley Seiger’s hope that the situation works out for Jet! Eamon Murphy was the big fish that the team was chasing, with Seamus more willing to listen to reason… before he knew that “Juliet” had been lying to him all along and was really a cop. The actress of course didn’t spoil all the details of what Organized Crime has in store when it picks up after the cliffhanger, but she shared how she reacted when she found out her character’s fate following the kidnapping:

I was really excited. I love [Episode] 14 almost as much as I love 13, and I'm excited for people to see. I know we've seen the grave in the promos and I won't give away too much, but I'm really excited for people to see what the grave actually is and what it means and the significance of Seamus bringing her to that place. I'm also really excited for people to see Jet access a deeper well of emotions than she's previously ever shown in three seasons of the show.

Will Seamus’ better angels prevail, since Episode 13 showed that he was only going to commit murder to pay a debt and not because he was as truly awful as Eamon? Or is every shred of his mercy gone after being betrayed by “Juliet,” since he seemed to snap when he threw her in the trunk? The promo certainly suggests that the situation is going to escalate. Take a look:

Find out Jet’s fate with the next new episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime on Thursday, February 16 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC! You can also revisit earlier episodes of Season 3 streaming with a Peacock Premium subscription. Organized Crime has not yet been renewed for Season 4, but that shouldn’t be a cause for worry, based on what one NBC exec had to say about the three Law & Orders and three One Chicago series. For more of what to watch and when to tune in, check out our 2023 TV premiere schedule!

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