New Amsterdam Stars Talk The Future Of Sharpwin And Freema Agyeman's Helen In Season 4

New Amsterdam delivered a big change for Max and Helen in Season 4 when they found their joy and followed it across the ocean to start a new life together in London. Sadly, the death of Vijay brought them back to New York to see for themselves what the hospital is like under the control of Veronica Fuentes, and her motto definitely isn’t “How can I help?” With Max staying behind to try and oust her, there was the question of how much of a role Freema Agyeman will have now that Helen is back in London, and what it means for Sharpwin. Fortunately, stars Tyler Labine and Ryan Eggold each weighed in. 

I spoke separately with Tyler Labine and Ryan Eggold ahead of the February 22 episode of New Amsterdam, which will be the last before the medical drama goes on a break until April, so it's not an episode that fans will want to miss. Tyler Labine, who plays the recently betrayed and demoted Iggy Frome, had some encouraging words for fans about Freema Agyeman’s future. When asked whether or not Helen will still have a part to play from across the ocean, he shared:

Yes, I can say don't worry. They're never gonna make a show where Freema is not around. I can't say too much about that, but I can just sort of try to ease your mind and say, don't worry. The Dam Fam is going to be fully intact.

The Dam Fam can officially celebrate the confirmation that New Amsterdam has found ways to keep Freema Agyeman and Helen Sharpe in the mix even though the character is currently solo in London. Season 4 did set her up with a new career path as she rebuilds her life across the pond after years in the United States, and she's the one who encouraged Max to stay behind in New York to help their friends at New Amsterdam. So, no need to worry that she’ll be missing or forgotten while the main action is back in New York. 

But what about Sharpwin? While they clearly love each other and Max was willing to go all-in on building a life with her and Luna in London, there’s a lot of physical distance between them now, and there’s no saying how long Max will be needed in New York. That’s not even accounting for the time difference! Luckily, Ryan Eggold, who of course plays Max, had good news for fans who might have been worried about what the physical separation would mean for Sharpwin: 

Freema is not going anywhere. If Helen goes anywhere, Max will follow. He loves her too much. Their relationship is going to face a new challenge with this distance. When they spoke at the end of [Episode] 14, she kind of gives him the green light and empowers him to say, you know, you're not going to lose me. You should stay here and fight for this hospital. And he does just that. So being in New York and being in London and being separated by an ocean, I think living practically with that will be a new challenge for them. And we see that in this episode as they're playing phone tag and trying to connect and missing each other and I think it'll be a struggle, but I think these two characters love each other so much. I'm confident that they're gonna figure it out.

Separation isn’t going to be a killer for the Sharpwin relationship after they made their decision to move away together, even if some obstacles are on the way. Considering all the challenges that Max is probably facing back in New York now that he’s trying to oust Fuentes without actually having any power at the hospital anymore, it’s good to know that the main relationship of the series isn’t going to fall apart because of Fuentes. She’s already caused enough trouble for the characters, I’d say! Plus, a reunion with Helen could be a light at the end of the Fuentes tunnel for Max, depending on how hard things get. 

See what happens in the next episode of New Amsterdam now that Max is back in New York to try and help on Tuesday, February 22 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC, and don't forget to check back with CinemaBlend for more from the stars. Ryan Eggold directed the episode, so it’ll be a special one behind-the-scenes as well. The medical drama will then go on a break until April 19, with NBC’s upcoming miniseries The Thing About Pam temporarily taking the time slot in the 2022 TV schedule, so be sure to catch New Amsterdam’s last episode before the break!

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