6 New Amsterdam Questions For Max's Return And The Big Betrayal

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New Amsterdam briefly returned in 2022 before heading into another break for the Olympics to take over primetime on NBC, but the last episode before the mini hiatus left off with plenty for fans to think about… and wonder. Max made a big decision (with a little pushing from Helen), Reynolds may have crossed a point of no return, another doctor was fired, and Dr. Fuentes seems to have more power in the hospital than ever. With Max back in New York with his sights set on taking her down, however, it’s possible that the game is about to change. But how? 

Max “How Can I Help?” Goodwin always has the best of intentions, but good intentions aren’t always enough to win the day, as he learned himself during the firing spree in the first half of Season 4. The resistance took a big blow in the latest episode, and there are some key questions worth thinking about. Read on for six of the biggest during the wait for the medical drama to return in late February! 

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What Can Max Even Do To Dr. Fuentes?

Max deciding to stay in New York rather than return to his new life in London with Helen was a big step in the right direction when it comes to opposing Dr. Fuentes, but there’s still the not-so-small issue of Max not actually having any power at the hospital. He could barely even hold his own ground against Fuentes when they more or less held the same position on staff; he is no longer employed at New Amsterdam, and I don’t know how much he could do against Fuentes without a position within the hospital. 

There is a vacancy in the Emergency Department, but it’s hard to imagine a scenario of Fuentes willingly rehiring Max unless she had no other option or it was some kind of power play. That said, in the promo for the next episode, Max is pretty worked up to tell her that she is “going down” and he will “rip” her from the hospital if she doesn’t resign. Either he has a plan that isn’t clear just yet, or he is planning a very bold bluff! What can he actually do? 

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What's Next For Helen And Sharpwin?

Max sticking around in New York after returning for Vijay’s funeral seemed inevitable, but the surprise was that it was Helen who pushed for him to stay. It was a touching sign of how well she knows him, but also raises the question of what’s next for her and their relationship. She was heading back to London, with the expectation that he’ll join her once he does what he needs to do at New Amsterdam. Does this mean that Freema Agyeman will be off screen as Helen does her own thing on the British side of the pond? Will there be phone call scenes to keep her in the mix, even if she’s not even on the same continent? 

And can the Sharpwin relationship survive this distance, when there’s no telling just how long the doctors in New York will need Max on hand? They had already hit a rough patch in London, so the separation with Max back at his hospital surrounded by his friends might put more of a strain on them. At least the love is there! As somebody who has been wondering about Freema Agyeman’s future on the show all season, however, I’m a little nervous about what this storyline means for Helen. 

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How Will Bloom Be Involved?

Fuentes was out for blood in the last episode before the Olympics break, and that meant firing Lauren Bloom. Technically, Fuentes refused to allow Bloom to withdraw her resignation, but it’s clear that Bloom was sacked despite changing her mind after a conversation with Leyla. Like Max, she no longer has any power as an employee at New Amsterdam, and is arguably even less likely to be rehired at the hospital than he is. 

Nobody seems to have any leverage on Dr. Fuentes, who threw her weight around enough to blackmail Dr. Wilder and demote Iggy. With Reynolds betraying the resistance and Fuentes seemingly stronger than ever, I’m not sure if Bloom can do anything to help. It would be interesting if she and Max team up as the two people on the outside who want her gone, but even if they work together, what can be done? 

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How Will The Other Doctors React To Reynolds' Betrayal?

Reynolds arguably crossed a line in the last episode before the break when he informed on the resistance getting ready to perform another illicit surgery in the morgue, and the other doctors certainly seemed to think he was getting his thirty pieces of silver with Fuentes rewarding his department. That said, Reynolds had some very valid reasons for going to Fuentes when he did, and his #1 goal was to save lives by preventing a pretty sketchy surgery. So, will any of the doctors see his point, or will they be a united front against him? 

Well, it’s possible that Bloom losing her job ruined any chance of Reynolds finding an ally, since it seems like his decision is what caused her firing, and the others might hold that against him even though it’s technically not his fault. Iggy might not be the most reasonable after his demotion; even if he is an ally to Reynolds, he doesn’t have as much power now that he’s not a department head anymore. Wilder’s hands are tied thanks to Fuentes having power over her, and she hasn't even known Reynolds long enough to feel much loyalty.

Leyla is a wild card, but not in a position of power, and I could see Max going either way on Reynolds’ loyalty. Reynolds is short on allies unless any of them are willing to look at why he really did it. His betrayal could ultimately turn out to be a good thing for not only saving lives, but also potentially lighting a fire under Max and the others to find new ways to fight back against Fuentes. A lot depends on how they’ll react to working with him after he betrayed them to Fuentes, and how he’ll be able to work with them. 

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Will Dr. Fuentes Use Her Dirt On Dr. Wilder?

Dr. Wilder was prepared to go down with the ship of the resistance after Reynolds betrayed the group, and she tendered her resignation… or she tried to, at least. Unlike the situation with Bloom, Fuentes refused to accept her resignation since the Oncology department is profitable for the hospital. And she has leverage to make sure that Wilder doesn’t step out of line again, as Fuentes threatened to report Wilder to the medical board if she tried to quit anyway. 

Wilder had more or less stepped up as the new Max after he left for London, and she wouldn’t let Fuentes totally gut the hospital for as long as she could help it, but she really might not be able to do anything anymore. But with Max back, she could be an ally for him in whatever plan he comes up with to try and take down Fuentes. The big question: is Fuentes’ dirt on Dr. Wilder enough to keep her in line to avoid trouble with the medical board, or is Wilder willing to keep on resisting and find out if Fuentes is bluffing? 

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Will Things Get Worse For Iggy?

Iggy was demoted from head of Psychiatry in the last episode before the Olympics, and that really might be only the beginning of his problems when Season 4 picks back up. He made what even showrunner David Schulner referred to as a “questionable decision” when he hired Trevor to replace Gladys after the layoffs. While Trevor was the best that Iggy could afford after Fuentes’ budget cuts, he also made a pass at Iggy during the job interview. The flirting didn’t stop after Iggy hired him, and their conversations grew even more loaded after Trevor realized that Iggy is gay. 

While Iggy hasn’t technically crossed any lines, I can’t imagine the Trevor situation going over well with Martin if and when he finds out. Trevor also may not be quite as scrupulous as Iggy, particularly since he doesn’t have as much at stake as Iggy does with his husband and family. I don’t see Iggy cheating on Martin, but things could get worse before they get better, and it feels pretty inevitable at this point. But will things truly get worse for him, or is the demotion as far toward rock bottom that he’ll hit?

Find out if New Amsterdam answers any of these questions when Season 4 returns with a new episode on Tuesday, February 22 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC. Hopefully it’ll be a doozy of an episode, since the show will soon go into another hiatus until April 19, with crime drama The Thing About Pam taking over Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC starting on Tuesday, March 8 in the 2022 TV schedule

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