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What New Amsterdam's Unexpected Tragedy Means For The Rest Of Season 4

Spoilers ahead for Episode 13 of New Amsterdam Season 4, called “Family.”

New Amsterdam previously hinted that Season 4 would soon say goodbye to a potentially major character, and “Family” proved that the show wasn’t messing around with those hints. After a couple of red herrings that initially suggested the goodbye might have been Helen’s mom or actually just Bloom deciding to resign, a tearful Ella showed up to Iggy’s office. Although all she could manage to say was “It’s Vijay” and “He–”  when Iggy asked what was wrong, her distraught expression was enough to get the message across. Although he has been absent since early Season 3, Vijay has died. Fans knew a tragedy was probably coming, but not Vijay!

There are no details about what exactly happened to Vijay, but he certainly went through a health crisis due at the beginning of the third season, so it stands to reason that his death may be connected to complications there. Iggy of course broke down in tears immediately, and the tragedy was enough to bring Max and Helen back to New York to be with their New Amsterdam family. So, what does the death of Vijay mean, other than that New Amsterdam delivered on its promise that a goodbye was coming? Let’s break it down.

Anupam Kher Probably Isn’t Coming Back As Vijay

Anupam Kher left New Amsterdam as Dr. Vijay Kapoor in Season 3 shortly after announcing his wife’s cancer diagnosis, and the character was written out after a health crisis with COVID and heart surgery. Vijay left after learning that he’d never be able to work as a doctor again, and didn’t even say a proper goodbye. The lack of closure combined with the fact that he wasn’t killed off previously meant that there was at least hope that Vijay could drop by New Amsterdam for a visit at some point; now, short of a flashback, dream sequence, or hallucination, fans should probably accept that Kher won’t be back as the dearly departed Vijay

Max Has Reasons To Stay In New York

Max and Helen of course returned to New York after learning of Vijay’s death (although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wonder where the adorable little Luna was at the end of the episode), and Max seemed determined to keep working on their relationship despite their conflict in "Family." But will old habits die hard now that he’s back in the halls of his old hospital, now under the leadership of Dr. Fuentes? The promo for the next episode confirms that Michelle Forbes will be back, and that even Helen thinks that he still has a fight at New Amsterdam, even if he himself is still denying it. 

New Amsterdam Still Might Lose More Characters

Few fans probably had Vijay on their list of guesses for who might get the goodbye in “Family” since he had already been gone for so long, and based on other events in this episode, it’s looking like his death could be just one of multiple departures in the fourth season. Bloom told Leyla that as part of her efforts to atone for what she did, she intends to resign from New Amsterdam so that Leyla can take back her place as an ED resident. It’s possible that Bloom could be leaving as well. 

Plus, as much as I’m hoping this is wrong, part of me has been expecting to have to say goodbye to Freema Agyeman as Helen all season. She has rebuilt a life for herself in London, and Max seems to be needed back in New York. I’m hoping a split isn’t on the way with Helen departing, but pretty much anything seems on the table after Vijay was killed off, off-screen. His death doesn't mean that the stage hasn't also been set for another departure or two.

Emotions Will Probably Be Running High

Based on how emotional the doctors were at the end of “Family” and how they all seem to be on edge in the promo, it seems pretty likely that emotions will be running high, and not necessarily in a good way. Honestly, I’m mostly hoping that Iggy isn’t so distraught that he does something ill-advised with Trevor, because Martin is such a wonderful husband. Additionally, Bloom really might make a rash decision herself if she moves forward with her resignation after losing somebody she cares about. Plus, it seems that Reynolds too will be making some big moves, based on NBC’s episode description for next week’s “...Unto the Breach” episode, which reads: 

As the team gathers to mourn the loss of someone dear, Max and Helen realize the extent to which New Amsterdam has changed since they left. Bloom struggles with a big decision while Reynolds decides to take his concerns for his patients to a new level. Dr. Fuentes once again reminds the New Amsterdam team who is in control.

There are more questions than answers at this point following “Family.” I find myself wondering if New Amsterdam will deliver some kind of time jump, or at least skip over any kind of service in Vijay’s honor. It would be nice to see Ella again beyond what more or less amounted to a crying cameo at the end of this episode, and it’s clear that his death will impact the surviving characters. Max and Helen will still be in New York, and Bloom hasn’t officially resigned yet, so if there is a time jump, it presumably won’t be too long. 

Find out with the next new episode of New Amsterdam, airing on Tuesday, January 25 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC. For more viewing options now and in the coming weeks, be sure to check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule

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