Princess Switch 4? Vanessa Hudgens Shares Thoughts On Making Another Sequel From The Netflix Holiday Franchise

Vanessa Hudgens has found her first trilogy since High School Musical in Netflix’s Princess Switch series, which has seen the actress play three roles prone to switching places for various holiday antics. For the past three years the actress has returned to the role, but what’s next? Could a Princess Switch 4 movie be in the works? 

When CinemaBlend recently spoke to Vanessa Hudgens, she was candid about whether she’d return to the three roles for a fourth film. In her words: 

I kind of think [it’s over]. We definitely leave it open, leaving you curious. But, I don’t know. I feel like I need to take a step away from it for a moment because I don’t want to say it almost killed me but oh my gosh, the amount of work and the mental capacity which it took is just on another level.

While it may look light and fun on screen, the Princess Switch movies have asked a lot of Vanessa Hudgens. The actress has played up to three different roles for three separate movies, and oftentimes the plot of them having her to play one character attempting to act like another one of their characters in order to fool people with their body-switching situations. 

The year prior to Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star, Vanessa Hudgens broke down what it’s like to keep track of these roles on set. In her words to CinemaBlend

It’s all very confusing to be honest. It’s all very time consuming, because normally you would do a scene, do a wide [shot], do everyone’s coverage and move on, but with this you do a wide, you keep the wide there so they can put everyone together and then I just have to go through every character with the changes in between and then my stand ins would do the scenes as well and have to learn all the different parts. It’s just very, very confusing especially after a long day, my brain would definitely be fried.

With that in mind, you certainly can’t blame Vanessa Hudgens for wanting to take a break or say goodbye to the Princess Switch franchise. The trilogy gave each of the doppelgängers a cute holiday love story, so what else is there to tell? As the actress shares, there is something about the third movie that leaves it open-ended about whether it’s over or not. The movies could peacefully end where it has or more storylines could potentially unfold as well. 

The latest Princess Switch movie centered on Fiona, the eccentric cousin of Queen Margaret, who looks just like her, except she’s blonde, and acts completely different than her. During our recent interview, Vanessa Hudgens shared that she actually only decided to make a third movie to further explore the character of Fiona and wanted to tell a story about finding “more empathy” toward people we don’t understand. 

Vanessa Hudgens did previously make another holiday movie with Netflix, 2019’s The Knight Before Christmas. Perhaps if she wants to keep the Christmas cheer going but relax from the intensity of Princess Switch, she could turn to a sequel for that. Also, the actress is currently filming a spinoff anime series for Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead. It’s called Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas and is set to premiere sometime in 2022. And Hudgens also stars in a Netflix Oscar contender, Tick, Tick...Boom!, which is now streaming on Netflix alongside all three Princess Switch movies. 

Sarah El-Mahmoud
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