Star Trek: Discovery's David Ajala Clarifies Cleveland Booker's Involvement In Season 5

David Ajala as Cleveland Booker in Star Trek: Discovery on Paramount+
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Star Trek: Discovery is returning for Season 5 in 2023 for those with Paramount+ subscriptions, and while we’ve seen some footage and learned a bit of what to expect from actor Doug Jones, there’s still a lot we don’t know about this universe's future. Fortunately, we’ve been blessed with one more answer about Season 5, as actor David Ajala talked with CinemaBlend about the extent of Cleveland Booker’s involvement in the upcoming episodes. 

Cleveland Booker went rogue against Starfleet in Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery, aiding Ruon Tarka in his quest to destroy Species 10-C so that he could avenge his destroyed home planet of Kwejian. While Booker ultimately changed his mind and helped save the day, Starfleet couldn’t completely overlook his crimes. To atone, Book was tasked with helping relocate the refugees of destroyed planets of the DMA, which required him leaving the Discovery and his lover Michael Burnham. As such, some might’ve wondered just how much we'll see of Booker in Season 5, especially after he only popped up for a brief moment in the first trailer. I spoke to David Ajala in promotion of Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 hitting Blu-ray and DVD, and learned a bit about how often Cleveland Booker will appear in the upcoming season. In his words:

I think you'll always see Cleveland Booker pop up one way or another. But, when we do first see him, there's a reason why he returns. There's a reason why we will see his involvement increase from episode to episode to episode because of a very specific thing that happens in the show. We’re gonna see Mr. Cleveland Booker.

Understandably, David Ajala wasn’t too specific in how much we’ll see Cleveland Booker in Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 when it premieres on Paramount+, but his thoughts do seem to indicate fans will see him in multiple episodes, and more as the season goes on, thanks to how events of the story will play out. We’ve learned that Season 5 will center around Michael Burnham and the Discovery crew searching for an “ancient power” that is game-changing enough that many others in the galaxy are searching for it as well. 

While we don’t know how or why Cleveland Booker will come into Star Trek: Discovery Season 5, it’s possible the crew could benefit from his skills as a courier. Booker is great at tracking things down and has plenty of connections around the galaxy, as we’ve learned. 

Much like when Captain Janeway commuted Tom Paris’ sentence to service on her starship on Star Trek: Voyager, I bet Captain Burnham has the same pull to enlist Booker into her service. Of course, this is all just speculation, and we really have no idea how or when Book will make his way back into the story.

With that being said, the confirmation that Cleveland Booker will appear in multiple episodes of Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 opens the door for him and Michael Burnham to continue their romance, even if it leads to more complications arising. Plus, it’d be great to see more of Booker and Burnham team-ups, so here’s hoping that’s on the table. 

While Star Trek fans don't know exactly how much of Cleveland Booker is in Star Trek: Discovery Season 5, they know there's a good deal of him in Season 4. Those who pick up the Blu-ray, Steelbook, or DVD release will be treated to 90 minutes of bonus features which include deleted scenes, commentary, and more. I'm partial to the gag reel myself, as well as that snazzy quote from a particular entertainment site on the back cover. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 in 2023. It’s just one of many upcoming Trek shows arriving in 2023, so be sure to stick with CinemaBlend as we get more info on when to expect which show to premiere.

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