Star Trek’s Michael Dorn Has Surprising Thoughts About Picard Season 3 Being The Proper Send-Off For TNG Crew

Star Trek: Picard Season 3 is zooming right along over on Paramount+, which means we’re getting closer to what those in the know have referred to as a proper send-off for the cast of The Next Generation. Stars like Marina Sirtis are confident that fans will enjoy the ending of this series more than 2002's Nemesis, but Michael Dorn has a different take. The Worf actor shared his surprising viewpoint with CinemaBlend regarding what he thought about the finale and what it means for the crew of TNG's group of characters. 

I had the honor of speaking to Michael Dorn about Star Trek: Picard and asked whether or not he agreed about the Season 3 finale giving fans a true conclusion send-off for the crew. And when faced with the question, he didn't put quite as much stock into the notion. Dorn looked back on past installments of The Next Generation and weighed in on how he personally feels that people overvalue the importance of endings or send-offs for characters:  

I think that people are obsessed with endings and send-offs. And, it kind of goes to my spiritual journey, Worf’s spiritual journey, that it’s not about the goal. It’s about the journey. As we have seen, how many times have we ended The Next Generation? I don’t think the fans necessarily want that.

Michael Dorn seemed to be wagging a proverbial finger at anyone hoping for a definitive ending of sorts for Worf, Jean-Luc Picard and co. Having said that, he's right that the franchise has tried to close the book on these characters a couple of times now, and they just keep getting brought back in some way or another. Perhaps we shouldn't say goodbye to this lovable cat just yet -- or at least ones like Dorn, who seemingly still want to continue playing their roles within this fictional universe.

Of course, the 70-year-old actor remained quiet about exactly what viewers can expect from the Star Trek: Picard series finale. While doubling down on his views on send-offs and endings, he also shared a playful note about the fluid nature of the long-running franchise:

I always joke, ‘Hey, we’re in space. Anything can happen.’ … Who knows what will happen, I just don’t know. But I think the [statements about] endings and the send-offs are overused.

The veteran actor's comments line up with the message shared by many in the Star Trek: Picard cast. Ed Speleers already talked about his willingness to appear in spinoffs if given the opportunity. And he wouldn't mind his Jack Crusher sharing a scene with Wil Wheaton's Wesley Crusher

With Michael Dorn talking about the importance of endings being overrated, one has to wonder if there are spinoffs on the table for him and other legacy Trek stars too. Maybe we'll finally see his Klingon series materlize and officially join the list of upcoming Trek shows

Speculation on Star Trek and future spinoffs is a little difficult at the moment, as the news of Discovery ending with Season 5 has folks concerned about what lies ahead for the. The seemingly sudden cancellation of the flagship show could be indicative of cost struggles tied to the Paramount+ subscription shows, or it could just be that five seasons is the standard for these new series. We can only wait for more answers and hope that there is a future for the TNG crew on television should they want to appear. And if not, we'll have to relish our last bit of time with Michael Dorn's Worf and more before they sign off once more.

Star Trek: Picard drops new episodes on Paramount+ on Thursdays. Some game-changing developments have occurred as of late so, if you're a fan who hasn't been tuning in, you may want to rectify that.

Mick Joest
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