Ted Lasso’s Brett Goldstein Reveals What He Learned From Jason Sudeikis That He’s Using On AppleTV+’s Shrinking

Sports and entertainment productions overlap thanks to the fact that teamwork is required in both institutions in order to get anything done. Actor Brett Goldstein kind of has his hand in both of those pots, as he’s a writer and executive producer on the Apple TV+ shows Ted Lasso and Shrinking. The big difference between Goldstein’s duties on those two entries to the 2023 TV schedule is that with the latter example, he’s also a co-creator; and in that capacity, he actually learned something very useful from co-star Jason Sudekis.

Speaking with CinemaBlend in promotion of the Jason Segel and Harrison Ford starring Apple original series, Brett Goldstein boiled the most important lesson he learned from his Ted Lasso coach in one word. You won’t find this term in a dictionary any time soon, but as Goldstein explained in his extended remarks, it’s all about defining one key factor. Said the actor/filmmaker,

We don’t have enough time in the day for me to tell you everything I’ve learned from working on that show. Hundreds of things. But one of the things I would say I very much learned from Jason Sudekis is about ‘intentionality.’ Which I’m not sure is a word, but meaning to be intentional with every move you make, every decision that you’re doing in the story, for it to have emotional truth to it, but also that you care. That you’re doing this because you believe in it, rather than because it’s funny, because it’ll pass the time. Everything has to be done with intention, and that spreads through everything else, makes everything else kind of easier if your foundation is ‘This, for this reason, because I fucking care,’ you know what I mean?

“Intentionality” as a concept is pretty solid in its aims, and it also sounds like something that is key to the success for Brett Goldstein’s efforts on both shows in discussion here. Considering that Shrinking is an all-star dramedy that sees Jason Segel’s Jimmy Laird going through a personal breakdown after the loss of his wife, firmly walking the line of tones between tragedy and comedy already seems to be essential. 

Always knowing the intentions of such a character, while rooting those actions in reason, helps both sides of the puzzle shine properly. It also helps bring talent like Harrison Ford on board a series like Shrinking, as the show’s intentions with his participation ultimately influenced his decision. 

Even looking back on the ride that Ted Lasso has taken on its two seasons journey, that sort of practice has informed quite a few decisions in that series’ lifespan. As the Apple TV hit could end next season, that too sounds like it’s a case of “intentionality,” as Brett Goldstein says Season 3 was planned as if it’s the end. Whether it’s the intentions of a character, or the continuation of a hit series that started as a fun series of ads, the decisions made need to come from a special place.

Shrinking has made its two-episode premiere, with new episodes debuting every Friday. If you’re interested in watching the series, you’ll need an Apple TV+ subscription to check in for your weekly appointment. 

Mike Reyes
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