Why Jordan Peele Fans May Want To Spring For The VIP Tour At Universal Studios Hollywood

Daniel Kaluuya in Nope.
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On Friday July 22 Jordan Peele’s Nope enters theaters but it also becomes the first movie to see a permanent installation added to a major theme park on the same day. Guests at Universal Studios Hollywood who take the World Famous Studio Tour starting today will be taken through a perfect recreation of the Jupiter’s Claim theme park set from the movie. But if you’re a serious Jordan Peele fan, you may want to spring for the VIP Studio Tour, so you can get a closer look at everything, because there's apparently a lot to see.

The standard Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour takes guests around in large trams, including brand new awesome electric trams, and the vehicle simply drives by all the various things you get to see. The trams stops in key places so you can get a good look and take pictures, but you only see everything at a distance, unless you jump out when you’re not supposed to. You can, however, for a bit of extra cash, take the VIP Studio Tour, which allows you to get off the vehicle in a few spots and get a much closer look. I recently spoke with Universal Creative VP Jon Corfino, who told me that the Jupiter’s Claim set has a lot that you won’t see from the tram, so those getting the VIP tour will get real VIP access. He explained… 

When you look around there are a number of posters up there, there’s a lot of easter eggs. There’s a lot of detail. One of the great parts about all [Jordan Peele’s] films is, there’s nothing that happens by mistake. We all know that from most filmmakers, but there are some that are more fastidious about it than others and there’s nothing up there that isn’t meant to be there. There’s a lot there, everything’s got a meaning behind it, there’s a lot of backstory there. There is a whole bunch that you can garner by getting off the tram.

The Jupiter’s Claim set at Universal Studios Hollywood is basically a theme park within a theme park. In the movie Nope, Jupiter's Claim is a wild west theme park run by a former child actor, played by Steven Yeun. Considering the attention to detail that many theme parks have, one would assume that no detail was left out of this set.

And the Jupiter’s Claim set is a perfect recreation of the one from the movie because the two were built essentially side by side. The Universal Studios creative time was given access to Nope by Jordan Peele, so they could build the set while the movie was still being put together.  

Of course, as a guest at Universal Studios who can walk around the set, you’ll ultimately get to see more of it than you ever do in the movie. You’ll be able to approach it from different angles and look much closer. And when you do, you may find little easter eggs or other references that you never saw before. Some people will likely see the Nope set at Universal before they actually see the movie, and the set could end up revealing things about the film itself. Nope is in theaters now and you’ll see the Jupiter’s Claim set on the Studio Tour whether you get up close and personal or not.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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