Jordan Peele's New Movie Nope Is Getting Its Own Universal Studios Attraction The Same Day It Opens In Theaters

Steven Yeun in Nope.
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Usually, a movie has to prove itself before it gets added to a theme park. While you might see a walk around character from a brand new Marvel movie at Disneyland Resort or some other temporary addition as a way to promote a new film, to get a permanent installation in a park you generally need to prove that there’s an audience interested enough to justify the time and expense. And yet, Universal Studios Hollywood is apparently already convinced people are going to want to see more from Jordan Peele’s new horror film, Nope, as the movie is set to have its Jupiter’s Claim set added to the World Famous Studio Tour, and that will open on July 22, the same day Nope hits theaters.

This is the first time we’ve seen a new permanent installation to the Studio Tour happen alongside the release of the film. It certainly shows a lot of confidence in the future of Nope as it means that guests on the tour will now be traveling through the Jupiter’s Claim area for years to come. The Studio Tour contains the Universal Studios backlot, which has been used for hundreds if not thousands of different movies over the years. It also includes sets from Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds, as well as Back to the Future and the classic horror movie Psycho.

The Jupiter’s Claim set is a fitting addition to the Universal Studio Tour as it is itself a theme park within the story of Nope. It’s run by the character played by Steven Yeun in the film and has been seen in the trailers for the film and looks to be a key location in the story. A new website has also been launched to advertise the theme park location of Jupiter's Claim. It looks to be simple and fun, but hang around for a few seconds and it will start to get decidedly creepy.

Jupiter's Claim Set on Universal Studios Tour

(Image credit: Universal Studios Hollywood)

Possibly the most exciting thing about the addition of this new set to the Studio Tour, and that the set is from the newest Jordan Peele horror movie, is what this could mean for Universal Studio Hollywood’s upcoming Halloween Horror Nights. The Studio Tour traditionally gets it’s own HHN themed experience, the Terror Tram, and it would seem to be almost a given that this new set will be integrated into that experience. Of course, given that we know very little about what Nope is actually about, we have no idea what that will really look like.

Universal Studios Hollywood’s Studio Tour predates the existence of the theme park itself and has always been the thing that sets it apart from its theme park competition both in Southern California and around the world. In addition to visiting movie sets and the Universal Studios lot itself, the tour contains a pair of attractions, King Kong 360 3D and Fast & Furious: Supercharged, which have become stand alone attractions at Universal Studios Florida. Most recently the Studio Tour has begun a multiyear upgrade of its tram fleet that will transform them all into electric vehicles. 

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