50 Cent Comments After Horror Flick He’s Making Has To Halt Production Due To Cameraman Passing Out During Bloody Scene

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Rapper 50 Cent along with Jigsaw and Spiral: From the Book of Saw writer Josh Stolberg have been working on a new horror film called Skill House. However, one particular scene in the movie was so bloody and filled with fake blood that a cameraman actually passed out. Here is what 50 Cent had to say after the film’s production had to come to a halt from this incident.

The film’s makeup and effects artist is none other than Steve Johnson who’s known for creating the ghost of Slimer in Ghostbusters and even Doc Ock’s arms in Spider-Man 2. With the realism he’s put into his work, it’s no wonder it felt so real to the cameraman on set. And Josh Stolberg who wrote the last two Saw movies is no stranger to filming scenes with a ton of gore. 50 Cent took to Instagram to break the news and share his reaction to how he felt about the incident.

This guy Steve Johnson and Stolberg are responsible for this shit. They did the last 2 SAW movies,🤔They are gonna fvck around and kill the crew. SMH 🤨

Let’s hope the rest of the crew can maintain composure for the rest of the shoot. In video footage from TMZ Hip Hop, we see a blurred clip of an extremely bloody actor with the camera getting wobbly. Then, the camera falls to the ground as the cameraman loses consciousness. Amira Merteban and the rest of the crew members rushed to the cameraman’s side before medics stepped in. Luckily, this crew member is fine and will continue with production.

According to Entertainment Weekly, producer Ryan Kavanaugh was on set when this unfortunate event occurred during the dimly lit nighttime. In a scene that involved a lot of blood, the passed-out cameraman dropped to the floor and actually broke the camera. After a medic attended to him, he reportedly resumed production an hour later. Even the Saw writer was on-set when it happened and voiced his reactions on Twitter saying “Get ready for some crazy shit!”

Skill House is just one example of a movie that is bound to make cast members and audiences feel sick because of its graphic realism. For example, in Angelina Jolie’s movie Unbroken, there’s a scene when the main character (played by Jack O’Connell) was forced to lift a giant piece of wood over his head after a sprained ankle left him unable to work. O’Connell actually blacked out during this scene and Miyavi, who played the commander torturing him, vomited on set because of the emotions he was experiencing. For IT Chapter Two, actor James Ransone almost passed out in a scene when the villainous Pennywise unloads a gallon of vomit onto his character’s face. 

Audiences watching also can’t help but feel sick at the gory spectacle that’s before them like how The Exorcist, one of the scariest movies of all time, had many reports of nausea and fainting from the audience. There were even ambulances on call in some of the theaters! It shows that the makeup and special effects team for movies really knows what they’re doing.

As far as we know about Skill House so far, the plot follows a satire about influencer culture and the extreme lengths that people will go through to obtain fame and followers. 50 Cent will be one of the stars of this movie as well as Yellowstone’s Neal McDonough, The Originals Leah Pipes, and Teen Beach Movie’s Josh DeLuca. For a satire film, its violent gore scenes are no joke. Hopefully, the rest of the production will go smoothly as I don’t think 50 Cent will be able to take much more of any unconscious crew members. Keep up with CinemaBlend’s new movie releases and upcoming horror films so you’ll be the first to know when 50 Cent’s Skill House will shock audiences in theaters soon.

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