​​Ahead Of The King's Man, Matthew Vaughn Reveals When Kingsman 3 Starts Filming

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The world is finally ready to meet the World War I prequel The King’s Man, the film which sets up the origins of the organization that makes up the heroic exploits of the Kingsman franchise. As it fills in the gap of events that have up until now been hinted at in the more modern piece of the puzzle, there’s still plenty of room for Harry and Eggsy’s story to progress in the future. Which is fantastic, because co-writer/director Matthew Vaughn has revealed when Kingman 3 is going to start filming; and it’s in a little under a year. 

Speaking with Comicbook.com ahead of the release of the Ralph Fiennes-led ensemble adventure, Matthew Vaughn provided some updates on when that third chapter in modern Kingsman history will go before cameras. Though the director is currently at work on his next espionage thriller, Apple TV+’s Argylle, he’s already got his sights on the future of his other smash espionage franchise. Here’s when to expect the third installment to start rolling cameras: 

We're all set to go. We start filming in September.

It’s way too early to even guess when this next movie will be released, as the plan is to start filming next September. Should the course of events continue without interruption, that could hint at a 2023 debut for the next installment, which is supposed to close out the Harry/Eggsy relationship. As The King’s Man saw everything from standard release shifts to pandemic-related housekeeping push the film a little over two years out of its original window, even if that production schedule goes off without a hitch, releasing is another story. 

Another question that seems to be circling Kingsman 3 is whether or not Mark Strong’s Merlin could be resurrected for the threequel. Death certainly didn’t stop Colin Firth’s Harry from making a grand entrance in The Golden Circle, but a bullet to the head seems a bit more fungible than a landmine explosion; even in this reality. Time will eventually reveal the answers to these questions and more, so we’ll all have to sit tight. 

The best news to come out of this whole discussion is that the film is still in the works. As the Disney/Fox merger may have made some hesitant to count on a new entry being considered, even with The King’s Man completed and ready for release, Matthew Vaughn’s updates are pretty confident. Now, all that has to be determined is the future of this new prequel series, which is about to make its debut in a very crowded window.

The King’s Man will arrive in theaters on December 22nd, with Kingsman 3 not being dated for release at this time. Meanwhile, the 2022 release schedule is available for viewing, providing a view into the future of movie going for the year to come. Which is probably a good thing, because Argylle doesn’t have a release date as well; though that’s definitely aiming for a 2022 debut. 

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