Allison Williams Has Seen Your Viral M3GAN Memes And She Has Thoughts

Allison Williams in M3GAN
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When the wild trailer for Blumhouse’s new production M3GAN came out, it was a given that the dancing from this killer robot would seek the most attention. After all, how often do you see a life-size robot share sweet dance moves before making her kill? Not even Annabelle or Chucky was able to pull that off! Well, M3GAN’s actress and executive producer Allison Williams has seen your viral dance memes of the movie and she’s got a few things to say about them.

The sci-fi horror film M3GAN is about a brilliant roboticist who makes a life-size robot for her young niece who stays with her after the death of her parents. The problem is that this robot takes her job of protecting this young girl from physical and emotional harm a little too seriously. M3GAN’s Allison Williams spoke to Insider about how “thrilled” she was of the meme attention the movie has gotten not just as an actress in the film, but as an executive producer as well.

We were thrilled. We’re absolutely thrilled. She has such a specific energy and tone. The trailer’s job was not only to position what’s the storyline of the movie and what happens, but also: Who is M3gan?

Well, we definitely know who M3GAN is: a killer robot with insane style before her first kill. The movie already taps into our fears about an out-of-control robot who looks sweet and innocent but is actually an inner assassin. Now, we have to watch her dance first with her deadpan expression before causing bloodshed. But based on one viral meme, what can lessen our fear is that maybe M3GAN learned her killer moves through Kristen Wiig?

No matter where M3GAN learned her moves, it still has us freaked out. What can creep you out even more is during the premiere of M3GAN, a DiscussingFilm video tweet showed there were eight M3GANs dancing to Taylor Swift’s “It’s Nice to Have a Friend.” I guarantee you that you can't unsee that.

I dare you to memorize that choreography. Actually, it seems that a lot of people have. There are TikTok users like @Kaicameronisacelebrity who dress up as the robot, swaying and showing off the robot’s ballerina-like footwork.


♬ Stop using for Megan doll - ︎

First viewers who had the chance to see M3GAN had some positive things to say about the Blumhouse horror film. CinemaBlend’s Eric Eisenberg felt it was “effectively creepy” with a lot of fun put into it but maybe should have been given an R-rating. Many other responses felt like the movie was highly entertaining with its creepy moments and laugh-out-loud parts coming into play. Even one Twitter user praised Allison Williams calling her “a timely white lady Frankenstein.” Since she gave excellent performances in horror films like Get Out and The Perfection, Williams fits into this genre very well. 

Allison Williams is absolutely thrilled that her new movie is considered meme-worthy. With all of the massive attention this movie is getting before its theatrical release, we might have a sequel on our hands. You’ll be able to see M3GAN’s moves in the upcoming horror film on January 6th.

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