Jason Blum Had The Most On-Brand Outfit At The M3GAN Premiere With Allison Williams

The AI Megan from Blumhouse's M3gan looking sinister.
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Blumhouse is a production company synonymous with many iconic horror film franchises. And one of the most talked about upcoming horror movies is the James Wan and Jason Blum-produced M3gan. Since the wild trailer depicting the diabolical dancing evil doll dropped online, it has received nonstop viral meme treatment. The film just had its world premiere, and Jason Blum (one of the film's producers) attended the recent world premiere showing his support by dressing as the film's titular killer AI.

Producer Jason Blum dressed in the robotic dolls' already iconic look to attend the movie premiere, which took place at the TCL Theatre in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles on Wednesday, December 7, 2022. Eagle-eyed fans will recall this isn't the first time the horror filmmaker has donned the look. Blum and his wife always dress somewhat elaborately for Halloween, and this year the producer saw the holiday as an opportunity to premiere his take on M3gan. He shared the process of getting into the look on his personal Twitter

Jason Blum dressed as M3gan

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I can’t lie, the mega-producer pulls the look off. The sunglasses are an extra nice touch.

M3gan is the story of a roboticist (played by Get Out's Allison Williams) at a toy company that uses artificial intelligence to develop a life-like doll named M3GAN. The robot doll is programmed to bond with William's character's niece and protect the young girl. However, Megan takes things a bit too seriously and becomes overprotective, resulting in bloodshed. 

The movie's second producer, James Wan, posed for an amazing picture with lead actresses Allison Williams and Violet McGraw (who plays Williams' niece, Cady) and several terrifying Megan look-alikes--which include Jason Blum, of course.

Jason Blum with the cast of M3gan

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Though the premise of the movie sounds like a brutal and bloody concept, the producers have promised elements of a black comedy, which these hilarious photos of the cast at the premiere exemplify. We can only hope the movie is as fun as the premiere seemed to be.

Jason Blum and Allison Williams with M3gans

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The film has been rated PG-13. While some gore thirsty horror fans might scoff at the rating, the studio behind the movie has spoken at length in the past about how they determine whether a film will be rated R. Considering the movie primarily focuses on a pre-teen girl, it makes sense the filmmakers would make a movie that teens can go to a theater and enjoy. Based on Blumhouses record, an R-rating was almost certainly never in the cards for M3Gan.

The early reactions from folks attending the horror flicks premiere have been very positive. This tremendous response to the movie will only bolster the rumors of a fast-tracked sequel. Universal was rumored to be so pleased with how the horror film turned out and the online response that sequel talks were ongoing before an audience even saw the movie.

Whether M3gan will be the next big horror icon is yet to be seen. Until the movie hits cinemas and we can decide for ourselves, we will have to settle for watching the trailer again. 

We will have to wait until M3gan shimmies into cinemas on January 6, 2023, to see if the killer AI has what it takes for franchise longevity, providing Jason Blum plenty more excuses to dress up as the maniacal dancing doll. For all your movie-going plans, stay tuned to CinemaBlend and check out our list of upcoming movie releases. 

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