Already Facing Domestic Violence Charges, The Actor Who Played Buzz In Home Alone Is Being Investigated For Rape

Devin Ratray in Home Sweet Home Alone
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The Home Alone franchise is one that means a great deal to countless families out there, who tune  in to Kevin McAllister’s adventures annually around Christmas. Unfortunately, one of the actors who plays a part in that iconic series of movies is involved in some sobering legal issues. And after already facing domestic violence charges Devin Ratray, who played Buzz in Home Alone, is being investigated for rape.

Actor Devin Ratray has had a long career as an actor, but perhaps his most iconic role is Buzz in the first two Home Alone movies. In fact, he recently reprised that role in Disney+’s Home Sweet Home Alone, to the joy of fans looking out for references to the original. But Ratray has also been making headlines for legal issues, with CNN reporting that he’s currently being investigated over a sexual assault allegation from 2017.

The allegations against Devin Ratray come from a woman named Lisa Smith, who began to once again pursue a case against the actor after seeing him make the news for a domestic violence arrest in Oklahoma. She filed a police report back in 2017, claiming she had been raped by Ratray. And now it looks like that investigation is back open.

For his part, Devin Ratray denied Lisa Smith’s allegations during a phone call with CNN. But now he’s back under investigation, while information about Lisa Smith’s original report also comes to light. Prosecutors at the time allegedly believed that Smith wanted to remain anonymous and not press sources, which Smith said is incorrect. She also reportedly traveled to Manhattan to speak with the District Attorney’s office and even provided potential evidence. But until now that case had been closed.

Devin Ratray in Home Alone 2

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To clarify, Devin Ratray has not been charged with anything in regard to Lisa Smith’s allegations. Instead, the possible sexual assault is being investigated at the time of writing. Although when you consider his domestic violence charge, it certainly seems like the Home Alone actor is in a pickle legally. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all shakes out.

Lisa Smith’s allegations revolve around one night in September of 2017, following 15 years of friendship. She claims she attended an after hours get together at Devin Ratray’s apartment in Manhattan with friends, and believes she was drugged by the actor. Smith is quoted saying:

I remember waking up and I couldn't move. I couldn't really open my eyes, but I could hear what was happening and I could feel what was happening. I knew that the other two people were gone and I was still on the couch.

She also claims it took until 2pm the next day for her to regain full control of her body. It remains to be seen how this investigation will play out, but these are certainly serious allegations. Devin Ratray has remained an active TV and film actor in the decades since Home Alone, including a recent appearance on Better Call Saul and a role in the Amazon series The Tick. We’ll just have to see if this affects the actor’s career, and if charges are eventually charged.

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