Anne Heche Hospitalized After Multiple Car Crashes And Fire

Harrison Ford and Anne Heche in Six Days Seven Nights
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Actress Anne Heche who starred in films like Six Days, Seven Nights with Harrison Ford, had roles on TV in shows like Chicago P.D. and has lent her voice to to The Legend of Korra among other animated projects, has been involved in an automobile accident that can only be described as "bizarre." It has left her hospitalized and in a state that largely prevents doctors from being able to figure out what happened.

The crash happened around noon on Friday in the Mar Vista neighborhood of west Los Angeles. According to TMZ, Heche was driving down the road when she crashed her blue Mini Cooper into the garage of an apartment complex. Heche then reportedly pulled away and sped off, and sometime later crashed a second time into a residence. The second crash started a fire that engulfed both the car and the house.

Anne Heche was taken away from the scene of the accident on a stretcher and she was reportedly burned in the fire, though the extent of the burns is unclear, beyond that her injuries are not considered life threatening. She is apparently intubated in hospital, though the burns apparently prevent doctors from performing many tests on the actress. 

Many are, of course, wondering how exactly this could have happened, but at this point, there's not a ton of information out there. Police haven't released any theories, and the results of any tests they may have been able to perform haven't been made public. 

Anne Heche has nearly 100 acting roles to her credit though she may still be known best as the woman who was dating Ellen DeGeneres when Ellen first came out as gay. The couple was together for three years but split in 2000.

A lot was made of the fact that Heche was gay, and the actress says she was blacklisted for the relationship. It came up when she starred opposite Harrison Ford in the romantic comedy Six Days, Seven Nights. There was a point where filmmakers apparently considered taking Heche off the movie but the actress credits Ford with saving her job on the film. In 2013 Anne Heche starred in the NBC comedy Save Me, but it was cancelled after seven episodes. 

While Heche has not achieved A-list status as an actress through the years, she's had a solid and consistent career. Appearing in regular roles on TV from HBO's Hung to NBC's Chicago P.D. She's also become an accomplished voice talent. She provided the voice for Suyin Beifong on the highly praised The Legend of Korra. She'll next be seen on the upcoming HBO series The Idol alongside Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd

This is clearly a complicated situation. Had it simply been a single car crash, speculation likely wouldn't be nearly as rampant. But everything that happened, all we can do is wait on answers and an update from the police.

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