Arnold Schwarzenegger Pens Sweet Message To Fans After Starting Newsletter

Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T800 in Terminator Dark Fate
(Image credit: Paramount Pictures)

Very few people can say they're a world-class bodybuilder-turned-iconic Hollywood A-lister-turned Governor of California. Despite the rarity of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career trajectory, he has somehow also become very relatable to fans all over the world. That just proved to be true again after he recently started writing a newsletter -- and especially after his sweet words of thanks to those who’ve subscribed. 

It’s been more than seven months since the Terminator icon began to give his fans a monthly update about what’s up with his life and career. While the actor and politician has had an active presence on social media for a while now, the newsletter provides him a chance to go long and offer some insights and sincere reflections. He’s also been able to forge a new kind of connection with his fans, and it seems to be one he values. In a recent post on his Instagram account, he shared a reply he received to his recent newsletter, along with his own reflection on what it means to him: 

Starting my monthly newsletter was a fantastic decision. I love connecting with all of you and sharing behind the scenes stories and advice, but I love seeing your responses even more. As much as you say the newsletter inspires you, know that your messages inspire me every day.

Given what the fan told him, it’s understandable why he would be compelled to share such a sincere thank you. Take a look at the sweet message from his fan below: 

The Total Recall star is a rare kind of celebrity -- one whose impact can span across generations and different sectors of life. While he made a name for himself as a bodybuilder and action star, he’s found a way to let his authentic personality shine through.

He’s also been able to leverage his fame to make a bigger impact on the world. First, it was by taking public office. But in the years since he retired from politics (at least for now), he has not been shy about sharing his views on a range of issues, including the most recent presidential election and the COVID-19 pandemic

That has meant, however, that he’s faced some backlash from people who wish he’d stick to acting. For example, when he advocated for mask-wearing, not everyone was pleased with him. That’s part of the reason why his newsletter could be a good outlet for him. It lets him speak for himself through a more exclusive channel that is intended for people who want to hear what he has to say.   

Just because Arnold Schwarzenegger has become a digital author of sorts doesn’t mean he’s given up his Hollywood career, though. He still has several upcoming projects, including a long-awaited sequel to Twins. He’s already used his newsletter to share some hilarious updates from the set and, hopefully, there are more on the way. 

Katherine Webb