Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Update On Twins Sequel Triplets Following Ivan Reitman's Death

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins
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Although a sequel to the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito-led comedy Twins has been in development since 2012, the project, now officially titled Triplets, has been making significant progress forward since last December. Sadly, director Ivan Reitman, who helmed Twins and planned to return for Triplets, passed away on February 12 at the age of 75. Now Schwarzenegger has shared an update on where Triplets currently stands following Reitman’s death.

This past weekend saw the Arnold Sports Festival being held in Columbus, Ohio, and while fitness and sports were obviously the main focus of the event, Arnold Schwarzenegger also spent some time talking about his upcoming projects. On the subject of Triplets, the actor said this (via The Arnold Fans):

We had a little setback because the man that was suppose to direct it, who directed the first one, Twins, Ivan Reitman had passed away sadly to say. And so, you know now that we just wait a little bit until this whole thing cools down and then we're gonna readdress it. But that’s a project suppose to be filmed in October and so it could still be you know, but we just have to now look into a different director and just get into and to see if we are going to continue with this project.

It was to be expected that Ivan Reitman dying would impact the development of Triplets, but as things stand now, Arnold Schwarzenegger and everyone else involved with the project are pressing on it. That’s not to say Triplets is being scrapped, but at the very least, a new director needs to be found in the coming months if production is to still begin in October. Still, it seems that the sequel is on shakier ground now compared to just a few months ago.

Twins marked Arnold Schwarzenegger’s entry into the world of comedy after becoming famous from action movies like Conan the Barbarian and The Terminator, while Danny DeVito was arguably best known at the time for playing Louie de Palma in the ABC series Taxi. The 1988 comedy starred the two actors as fraternal twins Julius and Vincent, who came into existence from a secret government program that combined the DNA of six fathers. The Twins cast also included Kelly Preston, Chloe Webb, Bonnie Bartlett and David Caruso, and the movie was met with a lot of positive critical reception and made over $216 million worldwide.

Aside from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito reprising their respective roles, all we know about Triplets is that Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock alum Tracy Morgan will star as the third sibling. Eddie Murphy was originally hired for that role, but according to Ivan Reitman, scheduling conflicts with other projects he signed onto following the success of Coming 2 America on Amazon Prime Video. Beyond that, no Triplets plot details have been revealed, but assuming the sequel does ultimately get off the ground, hopefully we’ll learn more about what to expect from it once cameras start rolling.

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