Bam Margera Is Back In Rehab, But What Did The Jackass Star Do On The Day He Escaped?

Bam Margera
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The Jackass franchise and its motley crew of stunt men debuted back in 2000, so Johnny Knoxville and his crew have a special place in many fans’ hearts. This includes Bam Margera, who went on to star in his own spinoff Viva La Bam. Margera has had some public struggles over the last few years, including a fallout with the group related to Jackass Forever. While Margera is back in rehab, what did the Jackass star do on the day he escaped?

Bam Margera is currently at an inpatient rehabilitation facility, but there have been some major speed bumps along the way. Specifically when the 42 year-old skateboarder/TV personality recently broke out of said facility and was missing for a period of time. While Margera has since returned to rehab, TMZ has revealed that he was indeed partying as the authorities were looking for him. 

The publication actually has video of Bam Margera, which is seemingly after he temporarily left rehab on June 25th. In the video Margera is seen partying with a group of friends, and even losing consciousness on camera. This is seemingly a shocking view into what was happening in the time where Margera’s loved ones and police were attempting to locate the former Jackass star. Luckily they were eventually able to locate him on June 27th, where an intervention took place and he was brought back to rehab.

While the public knew that Bam Margera had left rehab, this footage seemingly confirms that his sobriety did hit a speed bump during that time. Hopefully now he’s getting the help he needs, and is able to continue the path toward being healthy. Prior to his recent struggles with substances, Margera had reached a year of sobriety, so he’s been able to take some massive steps forward. And there are certainly plenty of fans out there who are sending him love and support.

Over the last year, Bam Margera has made a number of headlines, largely related to his substance issues and the drama surrounding Jackass Forever. While he was originally set to appear in the main cast of the movie, he was ultimately fired after failing sobriety tests. Margera issued a lawsuit in response, although that’s seemingly been settled. In the end, he only appears very briefly in the movie’s theatrical cut, during one sequence filmed before he was removed from the set.

Despite the lawsuit and drama surrounding the Jackass cast, Bam Margera’s former colleagues like Steve-O seem to not have any ill-will against him. Steve-O was the subject of his own intervention back in the day, so he knows firsthand. Hopefully Margera is able to get similarly healthy on his own journey.

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