Former Jackass Star Bam Margera Reported Missing Again, Less Than Two Weeks After Last Incident

Bam Margera
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This past year has been incredibly eventful for Jackass vet Bam Magera, and that would be putting it lightly. In 2021, the star was engaged in a legal battle with Johnny Knoxville and his former collaborators due to his exclusion from the fourth installment of their highly successful film franchise. All the while, he and his wife also went to court over custody issues. Margera then entered rehab last fall and, just a little less than two weeks ago, he was reported missing before being found shortly after. Now, however, it seems that the entertainer has once again disappeared.

Bam Margera had been staying in a court-mandated rehab facility in Florida when he first disappeared on June 13. TMZ reports that the star went missing again sometime this weekend and that he was last spotted in Deerfield Beach, Florida on Saturday around the early hours of the evening. The news outlet, which spoke to local law enforcement officials, says that the 42-year-old exited the LifeSkills residential facility without permission. 

As of this writing, authorities are still trying to locate the celebrity. Per the report, he was last seen wearing a black shirt, black sweatpants and a black hoodie. Broward County detectives have asked that anyone with information regarding his whereabouts contact them immediately.

When the skateboarder and stuntman first disappeared, it was said that he’d expressed displeasure with his stay in rehab and had intended to leave in order to check into another treatment center. At the time, employees expressed concern about the performer leaving on his own, considering that he was legally obligated to stay. Workers at the facility did, however, say that he wasn’t causing harm to himself or anyone else before he left that first time, though.

Bam Margera was eventually found a few days later, before being escorted back to the center. Apparently, he was lying low at a hotel in Delray Beach when he was found. While the exact reason for his leaving wasn’t given, sources claim that his unexpected exit was due to his split from his wife.

This time around, it’s still unclear as to why the MTV alum decided to dip. Both of his disappearances are admittedly surprising, considering that he seemed to be making progress during his stay. After being escorted there in the fall, he wished himself a happy birthday, which seemed to indicate that he was remaining upbeat amid his situation. He'd also hit a rehab milestone by May, as he reportedly wasn’t required to stay at the center on a regular basis and was only required to take classes there. Around that same time, he and his family declared that he was on the “road to recovery.”

Bam Margera’s professional and personal problems have honestly been sad to see and, hopefully, he’ll be found as soon as possible. We, like so many others, will be keeping our eyes peeled for updates on this situation.

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