Bill Skarsgard's Barbarian Called 'Crazy,' 'Rare' And 'Incredible' By Audiences Ahead Of Its Release

We frequently rave about horror movies and the way that they play in the theatrical setting. Sure, you can dim the lights in your own pad and get lost in a creepy story (and here we have ranked the 30 best horror movies of all time). But when you are surrounded by like-minded audience members who are all perched on the edges of their seats awaiting the next jump scare, it adds a certain level of hype and anticipation that can only be mimicked once a special scary movie plays in a multiplex, and everyone packs in for opening weekend.

This is what happened in San Diego when CinemaBlend and AMC Theatres hosted an advanced screening of the upcoming horror movie Barbarian, starring Justin Long, Bill Skarsgard, and Georgina Campbell. The story kicks off when a young woman, arriving in Detroit for a job interview, learns that the AirBNB that she booked already is occupied by another patron. The less that I tell you about where Barbarian goes from there, the better, because there are some bizarre twists awaiting you in that house. And under it. And outside of it. Just read our review.

But we also caught up with audience members who were heading into the AMC Mission Valley 20 during San Diego Comic-Con to see what the fuss around Barbarian was about. One guy already was excited for the outcome because he knew he was bringing a secret weapon – his wife – to the free screening. Even before he had seen a frame of Barbarian, he told CinemaBlend:   

The best part is hearing her scream, making other people scream around her.

Yep, that’s what happens. One or two audience members get wrapped up in the story, and their enthusiasm can bring the rest of the crowd along for the ride. But what kind of ride is in store with Barbarian? We asked one man as he left the theater, and he told us:

One word: Crazy.

Succinct. To the point. I like it. I hear what you are saying. “Didn’t you mention that Justin Long is in this movie?” Yes, he is. But his character is definitely one of those story twists that we can’t elaborate on, because to do some would ruin some of the movie’s surprises. Because, as this satisfied patron said when leaving the screening of Barbarian

This was so much fun, though. It’s very rare that I’m surprised anymore, because everything follows the same pattern. And this one surprised me in such a good way.

I’ll leave it up to our final audience member, who weighed in on Barbarian and merely warned:

You have to see this in a theater with other people because the community feeling around it is just incredible.

You can grab advanced tickets to Zach Cregger’s Barbarian now that it’s heading to theaters. It’s screening at AMC Theatres as part of the chain’s Thrills & Chills program, and should be one of those horror movies that people are discussing amongst themselves immediately after, so check out the trailer, and then be part of the conversation afterward.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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