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Billy Eichner Returns To The Street After Three Years With Paul Rudd To Get 'Straight People To Go See Bros’

Paul Rudd (left) and Billy Eichner (right) wearing t-shirts with the Bros logo on it at the start of an episode of Billy on the Street.
(Image credit: billyonthestreettv)

Billy Eichner made a name for himself through his hilarious YouTube series Billy on the Street. He would run around the streets of New York City, typically with a very famous guest, and aggressively ask pedestrians questions. Now, after three years away from the mic, Eichner has taken to the streets once again, with the help of "famous and beloved straight man" Paul Rudd, to promote and “get straight people” to see his new movie Bros.  

The video was released as a promotional tool for Eichner’s upcoming LGBTQ+ romcom. Bros is a big deal because it is making history for as the first film to be released by a major film studio that features a completely LGBTQ+ principal cast. Excitement has been building since its announcement and especially since the trailer, featuring a ton of queer talent, dropped. Also, early reviews show critics are parsing the rom-com. However, there is still promo to do before the film's release on September 30. And what better way to promote it than to go back to the streets to hilariously, and aggressively, convince people to go see Bros? Check out the silly segment for yourself here:

As a Billy on the Street fan, I was ecstatic when I saw that he had released a new installment. Some of my favorite moments included a man being excited to see Bros and then asking Rudd to “physically carry” him to the theater to see the film. Rudd then picked up the man and started walking away. Eichner also stopped a straight woman on the street and after she tried to ignore him he stomped away yelling:

I’ve been working for 20 years for this. I need a straight person to go see Bros. We need straight people to go see Bros.

 After being rejected by yet another person, Eichner exclaims: 

I’m sorry I’m not Florence Pugh!

This is obviously a joke about, Don’t Worry Darling one of the other big movies of 2022, which has received lots, and I mean lots, of attention, mostly due to feud rumors, ahead of its release next week. Eichner got a nice jab in there. 

Later in the video, Rudd leaves and Eichner is joined by a “pack of wild lesbians” who run with him around the city and help him get pedestrians, specifically straight people, excited about Bros

Even though this movie is highly anticipated and has been getting a lot of attention, Eichner has been clear about his worries regarding getting people into a movie theater for the film. Bros comes out about a month before Julia Roberts and George Clooneys’ rom-com Ticket to Paradise. Eichner explained that he is excited about Roberts’ movie but, he is aware that no one will question that movie’s theatrical release. While with Bros there is a lot more pressure on it from the studio to be successful, because nothing like this has ever had a release this big. 

On a lighter note, when Bros was announced, the comedian jokingly tweeted at Roberts saying “there’s a new rom-com QUEEN in town!” 

Personally, I can’t wait for Bros and I do hope we have a new "rom-com QUEEN" around. Seeing Eichner run around the streets again to promote it only made me more excited. I really hope “straight people go see Bros” so more movies like it can be made with wide theatrical releases. 

Riley Utley
Weekend Editor

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