Brad Pitt Weighs In On Whether Margot Robbie Really Did Sneak In Their Babylon Kiss

Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt in Babylon, from Paramount Pictures
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Brad Pitt is finally sharing his thoughts regarding Margot Robbie working in an improvised onscreen kiss during their new Hollywood period piece, Babylon. According to the Barbie actress, it was her idea for her character, an actress in the late 1920s named Nellie LaRoy, to lock lips with Pitt's Hollywood heavyweight character, Jack Conrad. Robbie joked that the film's director Damien Chazelle called her out for taking creative liberties, and he joked about her wanting to kiss the Fight Club actor. However, Pitt has a different take on the situation.   

The Academy Award-winning actor was interviewed by ET at the film's premiere in Los Angeles Thursday night, where he gave more insight into the onscreen fireworks between him and his Once Upon a Time in Hollywood co-star. When the interviewer questioned Pitt about the "sneaked" kiss, the actor sets the record straight. According to Pitt, it was less Margot Robbie sneaking a kiss, and more a situation of an actor having a clear understanding of her role and making a decision that felt right for their character and the scene. He said:

No, not necessarily. There's always room for character interpretation.

Pitt also joked that the kiss the two actors share is the tamest thing the Birds of Prey actress does in the film. According to the Bullet Train star, Margot Robbie is on fire in Damien Chazelle's film, and it's the best he's ever seen her. Pitt continued:

Believe me, that's the tamest thing she does in this. She's on fire on this. It's the best I've ever seen her.

Considering how great Robbie was in I, Tonya, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, this is high praise coming from the actor, which will surely only make fans more eager to see her performance. 

We only knew a few quick things about Babylon for quite some time until Vanity Fair released the first-look photos and the wild NSFW trailer dropped online for this film that is placed at the end of the 2022 movie schedule

Babylon will transport audiences back to the Hollywood heyday of the 1920s. The movie tells the story of the transition from silent to talking films and when Los Angeles began to shape itself into the capital of entertainment. Along with Robbie and Pitt, the film will also star the likes of newcomer Diego Calva, Tobey Maguire, Jean Smart, Samara Weaving, Spike Jonze, Flea, Eric Roberts and PJ Byrne. 

While Margot Robbie's scene with Pitt made the cut, the actress has said in the past that she isn't sure if her locking lips with Katherine Waterston will make it into the film's release. I suppose audiences will have to wait and see how on fire Robbie was during production and if it translates onscreen. If the trailer indicates what we can expect, I guess we are in for one hot time at the cineplex. 

Babylon parties its way into theaters on December 23. However, early reactions to Damien Chazelle's movie have been somewhat mixed, though Margot Robbie's performance has been singled out as a high point. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for our thoughts on Babylon, and feel free to check out our 2023 release schedule.

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