Brad Pitt’s Cameoing In The Lost City, And Channing Tatum Is Paying Homage To One Of His Classic Characters

Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum running away from an explosion in The Lost City trailer
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When your new movie has a cameo from a big movie star, it’s only polite to treat him well and to make sure he has a good time. For the  new film The Lost City Channing Tatum decided the best way to show appreciation for Brad Pitt making an appearance was to make a call back to one of the movies that made him a star, Legends of the Fall, by wearing a wig in one scene that resembles Pitt’s look in that film.

In The Lost City, formerly known as The Lost City of D, Channing Tatum plays a model who poses for the cover of romance novels. This required him to actually recreate that look and so, he tells Variety, that since Brad Pitt was part of the movie, the wig he wanted to wear to give him those classic romance novel long locks was one based on Brad Pitt’s look in Legends of the Fall. Tatum explains… 

I definitely have a Fabio wig. But my inspiration was the man himself that’s in our movie, Brad — from Legends of the Fall… I was like, ‘I want the Legends of the Fall wig. I don’t even know if it was his hair. He was fucking gorgeous. And I was like, ‘Please make me that.’

1994’s Legends of the Fall was one of Brad Pitt’s real breakout roles and it is difficult to understate just how popular he became when the movie was released. This was when Pitt became a real heartthrob, making movies like this and Interview with a Vampire, and yes, it really was his hair. Although other parts of him were enhanced artificially

But I feel like we’re burying the lede here. Channing Tatum has a Fabio wig? Like, he just owns a wig of the hair of the famous model that he could have used for the film? It’s the way he confirms that he has such a wig in a way where he makes it sound like not owning one would be strange. Does everybody need to own a Fabio wig?

Maybe Channing Tatum just needed the special power that comes with a Brad Pitt Legends of the Fall wig. According to his The Lost City co-star, Sandra Bullock, that wig really transformed the actor after he put it on. Bullock explains… 

The minute he came out of his dressing room, the wig took over his entire personality. We lost Channing for a moment. Someone has to have great physicality and comedic timing to take ownership of that in a genuine way rather than make fun of it. He embraced what it was, and it was pretty spectacular.

It sounds like this hair really is powerful. Maybe that explains why it helped make Brad Pitt a huge star. We’ll get to see Channing Tatum giving the Legends of the Fall look everything he’s got when The Lost City, which also includes Daniel Radcliffe,  arrives in March. It’s just one of several upcoming projects for Channing Tatum

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