Channing Tatum And Sandra Bullock Steal The Show, But Daniel Radcliffe And An A-List Cameo Are Delightful In The Lost City Trailer

Adventure is out there, and no matter who you are, getting a little bit of excitement into your life should always be treated as a welcomed opportunity. That is especially true if said escapades involve either Sandra Bullock or Channing Tatum; and the upcoming film The Lost City (formerly known as The Lost City of D) shows us just why fans should be pumped about what's coming up. The first trailer from directors Aaron and Adam Nee shows that Bullock and Tatum are maybe the worst explorers ever; but their comedic chops are there,  there's a delightful A-list cameo and Daniel Radcliffe is a villain to boot!

The short version of The Lost City’s story, fleshed out by the trailer released through Paramount Pictures, is that romance novelist Loretta Sage (Bullock) and her book cover model Alan (Tatum) are on a press tour when trouble breaks out. Going a little further into detail, that trouble is a crazy millionaire (Radcliffe) who thinks that the treasure-laden city in Loretta's romance novels is real. Our villain is quick to prove just how serious he is by landing a fancy plane right in front of Sandra Bullock’s hapless author, and snatching her up on the spot.

It already looked like Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum were having fun on the set of The Lost City, as seen in the photos shared of the two goofing off. It didn't take long to confirm that suspicion, as the pre-trailer roll shows the actors going note for note with the jokes. The chemistry is strong with this movie’s comedy, but will the romantic part of the movie measure up? Oh, who are we kidding, this is as natural a pair as Tatum and comedy involving nudity, and that leech joke only proves the point.

The mischief of The Lost City only continues to spiral out of control when you take a look at the A-list cameo we've been teasing for the film. Though we've known for some time that Brad Pitt was going to pop into the equation, we've now seen that appearance in action. It's pure Pitt mayhem, with the same sort of comedic swagger that the man has brought to many roles in the past. Also, is it just me, or does it look like they dusted off parts of his World War Z wardrobe for this one?

While there’s plenty to discuss with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum firmly planting themselves in the center of The Lost City’s laugh filled universe, don't be surprised if Daniel Radcliffe ends up being one of the MVPs in this comedy. Maybe that’s why Brad Pitt’s cameo was included in the first trailer for the film, so as to conceal the outrageous Radcliffian surprises that lie ahead? Or maybe people just love Pitt so much that it’d be foolish not to give us all a peek. We’ll find out the answers to that question, and many others, soon enough. 

The Lost City exposes its hidden treasures to all who seek them, only in theaters, on March 25, 2022. Which is for the better, as that previous April 15th slot has some pretty massive competition, and let’s just say Daniel Radcliffe’s presence in this film would have made for an interesting contrast. So if you want to be like Paramount and see what’s on the calendar before making your plans, head over to our 2022 release schedule!

Mike Reyes
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