Channing Tatum Talks Filming The Lost City Nude Scene, And How Sandra Bullock Had To Do A ‘Two-Page Monologue’ While Staring Straight At His Crotch

On its own, a nude scene can be an intimate and intimidating enterprise, which is why intimacy coordinators are often on set these days. Making this sort of moment stand out can be even harder, particularly in a movie that looks as wild as what we saw in the trailer for The Lost City. In fact, we've recently learned more about Channing Tatum's nude scene in the movie, and he actually shared what filming it was like. Without getting too graphic, let's just talk about how Sandra Bullock has to deliver a two-page monologue straight to Channing Tatum’s crotch. 

As if that weren't wild enough, this moment was filmed very early on, taking place on only the second day of shooting. Promoting this month’s release of The Lost City, an entire behind-the-scenes video was released by Paramount detailing the process. While we already knew that Channing Tatum went buck-naked for the scene (again, thanks trailer), and had his rear on full display, not much was said about the full-frontal implications previously. Addressing that matter firmly, Tatum bared all with this statement: 

Walking to set with a bunch of leeches superglued to my butt, and not having met everybody and just kind of being like, ‘Ok, this is going to be … I’m gonna be butt naked, my name is Chan today. Uh, this just is what it is.’ And then not only that, but to have Sandra Bullock have like a two page monologue with a certain part of my body. It’s a hell of a Day 2, let me just say that.

If you can get through having dialogue delivered to your junk on the second day of shooting, then explosions and a very special Brad Pitt cameo should be a walk in the park. Though, as we learned in this same video, Channing Tatum was indeed wearing “a sock,” much like the one Oscar Isaac used and gifted to Denis Villeneuve while shooting Dune. Tatum is clearly used to being mostly naked in front of the camera, especially as he’s gearing up for a third Magic Mike movie, but that doesn’t mean it makes it any easier.

Which leads us to how The Lost City’s Sandra Bullock viewed this particular situation. After all, our Academy Award-winning lead is the actor who had to deliver two pages of words to Channing’s Tatums. Just as you’d expect, Bullock revealed that it wasn’t so hard to process once a certain threshold was crossed. It really wasn't weird, y'all!

You really have to like the person, and feel safe with them. There was no weirdness. Like you would think there’d be weirdness, but because he was so chill about it, he dropped everything and I spoke to it.

After all of this hubbub, you’d probably want to see what the final product looks like. Well, that obviously has to wait until The Lost City releases into theaters. You won’t have to away empty-handed though, as watching the featurette that tells this story will show you an outtake of Sandra Bullock’s delivery of a pretty funny punchline involving some "beige terrain." 

While The Lost City may have dropped that “D” that Channing Tatum loved so much, audiences will get something just as exciting on March 25th. Though if you’re more anxious to get your hands on tickets to this action-comedy, Fandango is hosting special advanced screenings taking place on March 19th.That's a few weeks out, but rest assured, there are plenty of upcoming movies coming in 2022 you'll be able to enjoy.  

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