Don’t Worry Darling Faced A Funny Predicament When It Came To Harry Styles’ Hair On The Movie

Harry Styles' Jack helps Alice out of car in Don't Worry Darling.
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Spoilers ahead for Don't Worry Darling.

Don’t Worry Darling is the latest film by Olivia Wilde and has attracted controversy for months. Just like the hoopla around the film, the mystery thriller contains plenty of twists and turns, enough to puzzle all audiences. Notably about two thirds of the way through the film, a massive twist in the story occurs. During this scene, we see Harry Styles looking much different than how we’re used to seeing the One Direction alum. He's look almost unrecognizable, and the transformation apparently resulted in an interesting predicament for the film’s hair stylist.

In a recent interview with Variety, hair department head Jaime Leigh McIntosh revealed how they changed Styles appearance for the shocking twist. Surprisingly, it was more difficult than intended. She said:

I wanted to make it lank and more lifeless. I fucking couldn’t. Harry’s hair is just so full of volume.

However, just because McIntosh was faced with a challenge, doesn’t mean there wasn’t a solution to dealing with Styles’ famously thick head of hair. Thankfully, McIntosh was able to come up with a creative solution.

When it’s long and scraggly, that was two pieces stitched together. When he has the short back and sides, I used the top of the wig and trimmed it to blend with Harry’s own sides and back.

Clearly, there was a lot that went into making the explosive reveal apt for the film. For context, in Don’t Worry Darling, the dazzling, retro Project Victory community is a simulation. Styles’ character Jack has forced Florence Pugh’s character Alice into the simulation because he is unhappy with their reality. While in the simulation Jack is a clean cut, highly regarded member of society. In real life, Jack is a recluse who spends his days listening to podcasts and playing video games. He has greasy hair, and a messier appearance, hence the many adjustments McIntosh had to make to Styles’ hair for the film. 

This insight shows the hard work done behind-the-scenes to make sure it was as impactful as possible. While the film itself currently is receiving mixed reviews, Wilde has stated she’s proud of the film she made, so clearly the hard work paid off. 

Harry Styles' role in the film has been something of much conversation. Originally, the role of Jack was cast as Shia LaBeouf, who left the film for a number of debated reasons. Styles then was cast to take over the role, which surprised many due to his lack of acting experience. The role in question was incredibly complex, and his character’s duality would be difficult to pull off. Nevertheless, director Olivia Wilde praised Styles for his work on the film, showing the Booksmart director got the performance she wanted from the amatuer actor. 

A statement signed by many behind-the-scenes crew members attesting to a harmonious work environment on Don’t Worry Darling was recently sent around to media outlets, so maybe all of the drama surrounding this film has finally come to an end. However, there are still plenty of discussions to be had about the twist, and the film leaves audiences with questions worth being explored.

To see Styles’ big transformation for yourself, Don’t Worry Darling is currently playing in theaters. For more information about other films releasing in cinemas later this year, check out our 2022 movie release schedule. 

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