Olivia Wilde Talks Being 'Proud' Of Don't Worry Darling As BTS Drama Dominates The Conversation

They say that any publicity is good publicity. If that adage were fact, then Olivia Wilde’s upcoming psychological thriller Don’t Worry Darling is in great shape, as there’s been endless chatter and rumors of various feuds within the cast. But the project is fast approaching its release, with Wilde talking about being “proud” of Don’t Worry Darling as BTS drama dominates the conversation around the movie.

Ahead of Don’t Worry Darling’s wide theatrical release, the project has been followed by reports of drama behind the scenes. Perhaps the most popular rumor regarding the Don't Worry Darling drama is about Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde, but there’s also been other incidents like the rumor that Harry Styles spat on Chris Pine during the Venice premiere. Despite this, the movie is arriving in a week and change, and Wilde posted her excitement about its release in a post on her Instagram story. It reads:

I can’t express how proud I am of this movie. And now we finally get to share it with you. Get your tickets now for Don't Worry Darling, only in theaters September 23rd.

Despite the discourse surrounding Don’t Worry Darling, it’s clear that the movie’s director (who also has a supporting role) is psyched that it’s nearly here. We’ll just have to see if the drama and conversation about Olivia Wilde’s sophomore directorial effort helps get moviegoers into theaters for this new project. There’s got to be plenty of folks curious about exactly what Florence Pugh and Harry Styles will be up to, including their steamy love scenes.

This latest update from Olivia Wilde comes shortly after Don’t Worry Darling had its world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival. Despite the rumors about her feud with Florence Pugh, the Black Widow actress was able to attend and pose with the filmmaker and cast. Although the two didn’t sit or take photos next to each other, which some folks online took as more evidence to their strained relationship. The clip that Wilde shared on Instagram features Pugh’s character Alice being crushed by a glass door that she’s cleaning, resulting in a silly looking screenshot when paired with her message to moviegoing audiences. Check it out below,

Olivia Wilde's IG Story post with Florence Pugh

(Image credit: Instagram)

As previously mentioned, there's bit a bit drama surrounding Olivia’s Don’t Worry Darling and the cast. Perhaps the most popular rumor is the feud between her and Florence Pugh (aka Miss Flo). Then there’s the Harry Styles/Chris Pine spit debacle, which the pair of actors have had to deny. And when Wilde was promoting the movie at CinemaCon, she was famously served custody papers by her ex-husband Jason Sudeikis. Finally, there’s been chatter about how/why Shia LaBeouf exited the leading man role eventually played by Styles.

Don’t Worry Darling will arrive in theaters exclusively on September 23rd. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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