Dwayne Johnson’s Daughters Shared All The Things They Love About Their Dad, And The List Is Adorable

Dwayne Johnson as Dr. Bravestone in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.
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For most of us, Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate your romantic partners or spouses. But some people choose to highlight or show love to their family on the day dedicated to love. Dwayne Johnson experienced the latter as his two daughters made him their Valentine. It wasn’t an ordinary Valentine as both girls created a list to show how much they love him.

The Jumanji star highlighted the special moment on his Instagram. It was a surprise to him as his daughters (or “two little tornadoes” as Johnson called) came into his office. His daughters presented him with a tree of hearts filled with his best traits. As any proud dad would, Dwayne Johnson shared the incredibly adorable list from them.

  • Surpriser
  • Big heart
  • Puts me to bed
  • Happy
  • Kind
  • Lifts things with his muscles
  • Generous
  • Plays toys with me
  • A “rock”
  • Gives me frozen bananas

Of course, Johnson’s daughters listed the usual good dad aspects while getting in a little funny moment by calling him “a rock.” They just wanted the Hollywood star to know how appreciative they were of everything he does. While he loved all the traits they listed, one word stuck out to Dwayne Johnson.

But the one that made me stop and take a deep breath — and once they left my office, I just sat there in my thoughts (and got all emotional) was both of them called me 'Friend.'

Seeing the word made Johnson reflect on his relationship with his late father Rocky Johnson. In the past, the Black Adam star has referenced their complicated relationship on several occasions, including his Trailblazer Award acceptance speech and his emotional post about the older Johnson’s sudden death. So, the word allowed Dwayne Johnson to reveal a bit more about their father-son dynamic.

I never really had that feeling growing up with my old man. He loved his kids and we loved him. He raised me with tough love and very tough discipline ~ but I never considered him a friend. Father/son dynamic is much different than Father/daughter, as we all know.

After reflecting on his relationship with his late father, he took pride in knowing his daughters saw him like that. Johnson relished in this unknown role as he hoped their perspective won’t change as they get older.

So being a friend is a new one for me - I love it - and makes me realize I’m giving my children some pretty strong anchors. Love, discipline, kindness.. and friendship… And when they grow up ~ I hope they still consider their father, their friend.

The most important person in a young girl’s life is her father. And from the message, Dwayne Johnson showed how much of a foundation and standard he is building for his daughters. To see the sweet father-daughter V-Day moment play out, check out Johnson’s full sentimental message and cute photos below.

The Red Notice star was able to take a moment from his busy schedule and receive all the love and adoration he deserves. That was a sharp contrast from the adorable prank his daughter played on him weeks ago. Of course, these moments are a nice treat as Johnson has multiple projects coming out, including an untitled video game movie and the Christmas action flick Red One, which just recruited the MCU's Chris Evans. Along with those projects, there are more upcoming movies Dwayne Johnson might appear in for 2022.

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