Watch Dwayne Johnson Get Adorably Pranked By His Daughter

Dwayne Johnson in Red Notice
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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a lot of things: Heavyweight Champion Wrestler, blockbuster movie and Disney star, businessman, and has even gone viral as a rapper. His most coveted title, though, is probably girl dad. The Red Notice star is the father of 3 girls and often shares sweet moments between him and his daughters for his fans to enjoy. Johnson recently shared another moment in which his daughter plays a prank on her famous dad, and it’s just as adorable as his other family-centered posts.

Dwayne Johnson has an older daughter from his first marriage, but two of his daughters are more recent. They too seem to be growing up, though, because where his posts featuring them used to be all about their Moana love, now his little ones are playing messy pranks on him.

In his most recent Instagram post, Dwayne Johnson gets a face full of peanut butter when his daughter convinces him to close his eyes for a “surprise”. You can check out the video below, where Johnson doesn’t seem mad at all that his daughter got him a little messy:

Do you hear that giggle? I wouldn’t be mad about a little (okay, it was a lot) peanut butter on my face either if it resulted in such a beautiful sound like that. Johnson’s caption says it all, “one day they’ll be grown and gone.” It sure looks like he is spending his time at home exactly how he should.

Dwayne Johnson sure has come a long way from cooking up a beatdown in the WWE. Although he still channels his wrestling roots, I just can’t image that old Rock being such a gentle giant when it comes to the kids. 

It’s easy to forget that celebrities are real people with lives we can relate to, but Dwayne Johnson does a great job in reminding us that he’s just dad when it comes to his kids, and he’s not above getting peanut butter smeared on his face if it means it’ll make his little one happy. 

If there’s one thing people seem to agree on, it’s that they love Dwayne Johnson. His movies kill at the box office, and now that the industry is leaning more toward streaming, he’s killing it on multiple streaming platforms as well. 

The success of his films have been just as massive as he is, but he’s nowhere near done. Dwayne Johnson is just getting started really, and has a number of big roles coming up. Black Adam has been in the works for quite some time, and it’s finally almost here with a Summer release date of July 29th. He also has a sequel to San Andreas coming up, a Big Trouble in Little China reboot, and he’ll be making a holiday movie, though sadly won’t be playing Santa in it

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