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Encanto Director Responds To Calls For A Sequel Or Broadway Show

Luisa singing in Encanto
(Image credit: Disney)

Disney is known for its animated blockbusters, and the latest release to truly pierce the pop culture landscape is Jared Bush and Byron Howard’s Encanto. With hit songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the movie went from popular to a full-blown sensation thanks to its release on Disney+, and the public’s love for “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” Fans have been wondering if Encanto might be getting a sequel, and Bush recently responded to those calls.

Disney is known for making animated blockbuster sequels, with Frozen II being the recent exception in a catalog full of straight-to-video follow-ups. But Encanto is wildly popular, and has the ability to win an Academy Award. Jared Bush recently addressed a possible follow-up project on his Twitter, posting:

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Well, that certainly seems hopeful. While Jared Bush is keeping his cards close to the chest, he’s definitely heard the calls for more Encanto content. Whether this'll happen in a short, movie, theme park attraction, or even a Broadway adaptation remains to be seen. But hopefully Disney will move forward and make the Family Madrigal a full-fledged franchise.

Jared Bush addressed the many Encanto fans out there over on his personal Twitter, specifically mentioning the calls for a sequel and/or stage show. He seems thrilled that audiences have become so attached to the Madrigals, and that they want to see more content. While he doesn’t offer any timeline or confirmation of that occurring in the future, at least the fan campaigns are finally being addressed.

During his tweet, Jared Bush mentions talks that have been happening for both an Encanto sequel, and a stage musical. Given that the Disney movie’s hit soundtrack was written by Broadway visionary Lin-Manuel Miranda, fans immediately began hoping that the movie would make it to the Great White Way. This has already happened in the past with Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin, and the recently closed production of Frozen. And with Miranda attached, it would presumably be a hit Broadway show.

Then again, other fans would prefer we get Encanto 2, rather than a stage adaptation. This would offer the opportunity to tell a new story about the Madrigal Family, and tell a new story with the beloved cast of characters. We’ll just have to see if the burgeoning franchise follows in the steps of Frozen II and expands the narrative of the universe.

As previously mentioned, Encanto is nominated for a few Academy Awards: Best Animated Feature and Best Song. The latter has the potential to complete Lin-Manuel Miranda’s EGOT, which definitely adds stakes to the upcoming Awards Ceremony. Plus, it’ll feature the first live performance of “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” If it wins big, perhaps we’ll see a sequel or stage musical. Fingers crossed.

Encanto is available to re-watch and sing along to over on Disney+. Be sure to check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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