Evil Dead Rise Has Wrapped Filming, And A Ton Of Fake Blood Was Spilled To Get There

Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead II
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I don’t care how many renditions they make of The Evil Dead, I am unabashedly on board for whatever could come out of it, especially if the great Sam Raimi is involved. Evil Dead Rise is the newest, upcoming addition to The Evil Dead franchise, and it sounds like we can expect something a little different. The bloodiness of the franchise is apparently sticking, though, because Evil Dead Rise has wrapped filming and a whole lot of fake blood was used to create the horror flick. 

Sam Raimi is joined by horror writer/director Lee Cronin to bring us Evil Dead Rise, and he has given us a sweet update on the now wrapped film. Cronin posted an end-of-filming update on his Twitter that featured some seriously bloody pics. I’m honestly surprised that they’re not more bloody, though, because Cronin states that 6,500 liters of blood was used to make the film. You can check out the post below:

It looks like I’m not the only one dead set on being pumped for another Evil Dead movie, because fans are all hype in the comments of Lee Cronin’s post. One commenter cleverly says that Cronin has some “big, bloody shoes to fill” in creating an Evil Dead movie, but that they’re excited to see what he does with the film nonetheless. 

Indeed, taking on the Evil Dead franchise is a massive undertaking. It’s got an insane cult following for such a B-Movie, but Lee Cronin isn’t alone in the task. Sam Raimi lends his hand in the writing room for the film, and OG deadite warrior and horror movie icon Bruce Campbell is acting as executive producer. This makes perfect sense, as I actually don’t think there has ever been a project within the franchise that Campbell didn’t take part in, in one way or another. 

Evil Dead Rise is shaking things up with a brand new cast, and a brand new setting. Instead of bringing protagonists to a cabin in the middle of the deadite infested woods, they’re bringing the deadites to the city. It would appear that Evil Dead Rise is one-upping itself from its 2018 version where a female lead found herself in Bruce Campbell’s original role. The new film will center around two female leads, sisters who are protecting their family from the demons born from the Book of the Dead. 

While the film has wrapped on filming, neither a trailer nor a release date has been dropped for Evil Dead Rise. Even so, we can be fairly confident that once we do get a peek at the upcoming film, there will be plenty of blood and gore involved. HBO Max is where you’ll be able to find the film once it does get released, sometime next year.

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