Ezra Miller Reportedly Referred To Themselves As Both Jesus And The Devil, Has An Altar With Bullets And Flash Figurines

Ezra Miller in 'The Flash'
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It’s been a little over a month since Flash star Ezra Miller apologized and announced they were undergoing treatment for “complex mental health issues.” In the time since, more stories have started emerging about the actor’s outstanding legal issues and alleged concerning behavior. The latest involves Miller’s relationships with several people who reportedly have lived or continue to live with them on a compound in Vermont known as “The Mountain.” The property reportedly contains an altar with bullets and Flash figurines and those who visit have reportedly been subjected to “grandiose speechifying” in which they allegedly refers to themselves as Jesus or The Devil and makes connections between The Flash and the Messiah.

The allegations are part of a lengthy profile published by Vanity Fair. The outlet claims it spoke with more than a dozen people close to the actor, some of whom lived at The Mountain. The piece gives updates and backstories on many of Ezra Miller’s recent legal issues, and it also paints a disturbing picture of life on their secluded compound. The property is allegedly stocked with all manners of weapons and features a prominent altar. The altar reportedly contains “bullets, weed, sage and Flash figurines,” and it’s claimed Miller has people leave cellphones and “other offerings” on it when they come to visit. After being snubbed by Susan Sarandon at a recent dinner party, the actor allegedly demanded she “pay tribute” to the altar. 

The piece also claims to have spoken with multiple sources who say Miller refers to themselves alternately as Jesus or The Devil. They also allegedly speak of The Flash as the Jesus of the multi-verse and talk about how he’s the one to that brings everything together. The religious symbolism and language seem to be part of a pattern that also extend to a “medicine man” the actor reportedly hired as a spiritual advisor. He allegedly told the actor they was the next Messiah and Freemasons were sending demons to kill them.

Exactly what has been going on in Ezra Miller’s life over the past few years is nearly impossible to know. The actor was working regularly in major franchises like the DCEU and Fantastic Beasts prior to Covid, but over the last few years, allegations and unusual stories have followed Miller wherever they’ve gone. There were several reported incidents in Iceland involving choking a woman and throwing a chair at another. There were reports of assaults in Hawaii and more recently, Miller was charged with vandalism in Vermont. There have also been accusations of endangered children at The Mountain and of taking advantage of vulnerable people. 

Miller’s next movie, has been delayed several times, and for awhile, there were rumors of possibly scrapping the movie or reshooting significant parts of it to allow them to transition away from the franchise. They reportedly met with higher ups at Warner Bros earlier this year, and afterwards, the apology and announcement about seeking treatment were made. The studio reportedly remains committed to releasing The Flash in 2023, but it’s unclear if any of these more recent stories may alter that plan.

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