George Clooney And Julia Roberts' Ticket To Paradise Trailer Proves Rom-Coms With A-Listers Are Back, Baby

While George Clooney and Julia Roberts haven’t acted together since 2016’s thriller Money Monster, their performances as the divorced Danny and Tess in the cast of the  Ocean’s Eleven movies made them an iconic pair. Huge stars in their own right both before and after those films, putting them together is a formula that works like a charm. So leave it to Clooney and Roberts’ reunion in the upcoming movie Ticket to Paradise to prove that rom-coms with A-listers are back, baby!

Once again playing a divorced couple who love to stand firmly on the opposing side of matters, the characters of Clooney's David and Roberts’ Georgia find the time and energy to unite in Ticket to Paradise's big mission. As seen in the trailer recently released by Universal, that common cause is to make sure that their daughter (Last Man Standing’s Kaitlyn Dever) doesn’t make the same mistake of marrying young. 

Based on the bickering their characters engage in, you can see why Ticket to Paradise’s central couple is doing what they’re doing. Of course, that’s where the pure rom-com hijinks start to kick in. As George Clooney and Julia Roberts trade barbs together just as well as they scheme, all sorts of craziness ensues. And, of course, there's the potential for these two crazed parents to fall in love all over again. Which is totally a move that even the best rom-coms of all time have frequently borrowed.

If there’s one moment that Ticket to Paradise shows George Clooney and Julia Roberts’ re-teaming is absolute comfort viewing, it has to be the opening of the trailer. As David and Georgia react with mutual horror that they’re both on the same flight, the fast paced barbs and insults start to fly. The energy, and the cattiness, is reminiscent of one iconic scene from Ocean’s Eleven, which only proves that the Clooney/Roberts team is in its element: 

George Clooney isn’t only reuniting with Julia Roberts on director/co-writer Ol Parker’s film, but Ticket to Paradise is also Clooney’s first rom-com in years. The same goes for his co-lead, as Roberts stopped making rom-coms because they didn't have special something. Clearly there's magic in the air, as both stars look to be enjoying themselves, which opens up audiences to the possibility that Ticket to Paradise might just give them those same blissful feelings. 

You can buy your Ticket to Paradise, pack your bags, and leave for your local theater on October 21st. Should your heart be fluttering with the sight of a Clooney/Roberts rom-com in view, it’s highly recommended that you become an HBO Max subscriber. All three Ocean’s Trilogy films are available there at the time of this writing, and you can’t go wrong with those classics.

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