Halloween Ends’ Michael Myers Actor Shares Fun Throwback With Jamie Lee Curtis’ Stunt Double

Michael Myers standing outside in Halloween Kills.
(Image credit: Universal Pictures/Blumhouse Productions)

When viewing great horror movies like Halloween, we are tense, scared and worried for the protagonists in the film who are getting away from the starring evil entity. But on set, that’s a different story. It’s likely a really fun time to pretend like you’re about to get your guts stabbed by a giant kitchen knife. It sure looks a lot different on the set of Halloween Ends with Michael Myers and Laurie Strode than I expected. 

Within the new era of Halloween films that started with 2018’s return of Laurie Strode, James Jude Courtney took over the role of The Shape and will round out the role in this fall’s Halloween Ends. In a recent Instagram post, the actor and stuntman shared a rare picture of himself and Laurie Strode on the set of the horror flick:

James Jude Courtney looks like a regular guy rather than a masked killer on the set of the film, as him and his bloody hands pose next to Jamie Lee Curtis’ stunt double Ashley Rae Riddick. As the Michael Myers actor shared, the pair were “chillin” prior to filming a sequence where The Shape throws her “off the second story balcony.” 

They certainly look like a friendly pair, and you wouldn’t guess they just filmed a high-intensity sequence in the slasher involving Jamie Lee Curtis. Between Courtney covering his face in the Myers mask, Riddick hiding her face for a stunt and John Carpenter’s iconic music, Halloween gets us to be scared in the setting of this photo. 

Although James Jude Courtney got nostalgic with the Halloween set photo, filming for the third Halloween movie in this new trilogy from David Gordon Green is currently in production ahead of its October release. Jamie Lee Curtis has been posting glimpses from the set of Halloween Ends, which will continue where this past fall’s Halloween Kills left off. 

Along with Jamie Lee Curtis and James Jude Courtney respectively facing off as Laurie Strode and The Shape, Kyle Richards will once again return as Lindsey Wallace, after playing one of the children Laurie babysits in the original 1978 film. Andi Matichak will be back to portray Laurie’s granddaughter, Allyson Nelson, Will Patton will play the sheriff’s deputy, Frank Hawkins, and Michael O’ Leary is playing Dr. Mathis. 

Based on Jamie Lee Curtis’ social media updates, it looks like the actress wrapped her role as the iconic scream queen this week. Curtis posted that she experienced a “bittersweet end” on the Halloween movies after filming the movie for almost two months. If Halloween Ends is indeed the end of the road for Laurie, it’s been over 40 years as one of the most iconic horror final girls. Get ready for Halloween Ends, set to come out on October 14. 

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