Harry Potter Director Chris Columbus Offers Honest Thoughts About Movie Remakes, And Why He’s Not Interested

There’s really not much room to deny that we are in an age of reboots, revivals, and killer remakes as Hollywood brings new life into some seriously beloved films and franchises. While plenty of studios are taking advantage of this era, Harry Potter director Chris Columbus has some differing thoughts he has now shared about the phase Hollywood is in. The big name director, writer, and producer has some honest thoughts on why he is absolutely not interested in joining in on the remake game in the foreseeable future. 

In an interview with ReelBlend co-host Jake Hamilton, Chris Columbus talks about the possibility of the Harry Potter films being remade and even though he doesn’t know if it won’t happen, he doesn’t feel it is at all necessary. The director touches on how classic films should be left alone, and how he doesn’t feel as though there is any real need to remake iconic films other than not having more original material. Here it is in his own words:

In this version of Hollywood that we live in, everybody is remaking everything, and rebooting everything. I mean, there's a Home Alone reboot coming out. What's the point? The movie exists, let's just live with the movie that existed. There's no point in us remaking The Wizard of Oz, there's no point in any of us remaking the classic films. Make something original, because we need more original material. So, no. No point.

Speaking of Home Alone, Chris Columbus was the director behind the original film and is obviously not a fan of it being rebooted this year. While there are no current plans to remake Wizard of Oz or Harry Potter, that certainly doesn’t mean that they are safe from Hollywood recreating them in the future, and Columbus surely would not be the only person to object if it were ever to happen. 

Chris Columbus directed the first two Harry Potter films, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, and acted as producer for The Help, all films that are based on best selling novels. While they are film adaptations and not remakes, you could argue that they aren’t exactly original ideas. However, Columbus had the overwhelming task of bringing those worlds to life from black and white pages - a responsibility not to be taken lightly, especially considering how extensive the Harry Potter fan base was and still is.

Chris Columbus also has an impressive resume of iconic original materials, both that he has written as well as directed, so he can definitely back his opinions about creativity and originality up with a solid history of successful projects. Even if you don’t count the phenomenal job he did directing Home Alone, he is the writer who brought us both The Goonies and Gremlins, two films that are a mainstay in a lot of households, particularly around the holidays. 

While he may not be down for directing any remakes anytime soon, apparently he isn’t against a revival or two. The Goonies 2 and Gremlins 3 have both been up in the air and trying to get footing for quite some time, with Chris Columbus on board for writing both. In the meantime, much to the OG director’s dismay, Home Sweet Home Alone will be released to Disney+ this Friday just in time to stream some cheer for this year’s holiday season.

Carlie Hoke
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