How The Oscars 2022 Will Stage A Dune Reunion For Jason Momoa And Josh Brolin

Jason Momoa and Josh Brolin
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If you consider yourself a fan of Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, then chances are you’re eager to see more from the compelling and visually engrossing sci-fi franchise. Well, Villeneuve is working on the upcoming sequel and casting reports are starting to surface. It’s still, however, going to be some time before viewers can return to the universe originally created by Frank Herbert. At the very least though, the 2022 Oscars will provide fans with a sweet reunion between franchise alums Josh Brolin and Jason Momoa.

There are a number of things we know about the 94th Academy Awards at this point. There are a plethora of talented nominees, there will be a live performance of Encanto’s signature song, and a few categories have been cut from the category, which the snubbed Denis Villeneuve had thoughts on. Well, now, Deadline has confirmed that the director’s two stars are going to be presenting said awards ahead of the telecast. The trade reports that Josh Brolin and Jason Momoa had been in talks to take on the gig ahead, but the ceremony’s producer, Will Packer confirmed it at this week’s Governor’s Awards.

A lot has been said about the Academy’s decision to drop eight categories from the main broadcast. Many have been critical of the decision, arguing that it disrespects the nominees in those categories. According to Deadline, the change was allegedly made in an attempt to improve viewership numbers. 

Despite the mixed feelings regarding the decision, most can probably agree that Jason Moma and Josh Brolin are the right people to hand out the coveted gold statuettes. Before the sci-fi adaptation was even released, the two proved to be some of the film’s most delightful stars. This was more than apparent when Brolin hyped up the movie by sharing a behind-the-scenes of Momoa and other performers hilariously “training.” The Aquaman star eventually responded, noting that working on the film had been one of his favorite experiences.

Ahead of this evening’s show, a lot of people are wondering just how many Oscars Dune will win. The critically acclaimed movie is up for 10 awards in total, including Best Picture, and it definitely has a good chance of taking a number of wins. CinemaBlend’s own Cole Jaeger even believes it has Best Original Score and Best Visual Effects in the bag. But ultimately, we’ll just have to wait and see how things pan out for Warner Bros.’ epic. 

It’s honestly too bad we won’t actually get to see Jason Momoa and Josh Brolin hand out awards. Watching them and honor cinema’s best (and possibly crack jokes while doing so) would be entertaining. Nevertheless, it’s still sweet that the two members of the House Atreides get to meet back up for this special occasion. 

The 94th Academy Awards air tonight, Sunday March 27th, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on ABC, and you can check out CinemaBlend’s list of likely Oscar winners. Also, do yourself a favor and stream Dune with an HBO Max subscription.

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