Jason Momoa And Josh Brolin Are Having The Best Time Hyping Us For Dune

What point are we at in the hype machine that is Denis Villeneuve’s Dune? Well, funny you should ask that question, as the answer isn’t exactly clear. As the film was supposed to be in theaters around this point in time, before its delay into October 2021, the world is still revved up on that trailer, but also in danger of stalling out with no new material to speak of. It’s a crucial time where only the best and brightest heroes dare to tread, in the name of keeping fans hyped up. It looks like we have those sorts of people on the job though, as Jason Momoa and Josh Brolin are having only the best time keeping us all excited for their roles in that very motion picture.

All it took was a video of some rather nimble performers to catch the eye of Josh Brolin, who plays the role of Gurney Halleck in Denis Villeneuve’s reboot of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi galaxy, to start a rather fun chain reaction. Two of the people in this Instagram video reminded Brolin of his Dune co-starts, Jason Momoa being one of them. The other is mentioned in his caption, which you can read after watching the video below.

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No, that’s not really Jason Momoa swinging Timothee Chalamet around in a circle. Rather, that’s bodybuilder/former America’s Got Talent contestant Jon Call; who in all fairness should be hired as Mr. Momoa’s stunt double/fellow Atlantean for Aquaman 2 stat. The resemblance was enough to cause Josh Brolin to make a joke about how this same sort of behavior went on during the shoot of Dune, between Momoa and Chalamet, in their temporary office known as the desert.

As such, when you mention Jason Momoa’s name, the man practically hears it on the King tide and jumps into the fray. It’s an even quicker reaction when it’s his newfound best buddy Josh Brolin doing the joking, as the two have not only bonded in the production of Dune, but also the preservation of its theatrical experience. Thankfully, this subject is a lot lighter than that ongoing fracas, which means that when Jason Momoa reposted Mr. Brolin’s words, and the video he shared, he was able to put some more love into the world with this message:

Made me laugh my ass off, best experience working on this movie can’t wait to see @dunemovie love you @joshbrolin.

It’s a friendship that feels like it could only come from filming a movie together, or a couple of weeks at summer camp. As Jason Momoa and Josh Brolin are ready to keep Dune in the hearts and minds of the world, as well as each other, we all get to be a small part of that friendship too. It all leads up to Dune’s great big theatrical release, and the planned simultaneous debut on HBO Max that’s still on at the moment, which kicks off on October 1, 2021.

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