How To Get Billie Eilish's Signature Looks For Cheap This Black Friday

Billie Eilish in "Lost Cause" music video
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At the age of 20, Billie Eilish has become a welcome disruptor of the music and film industry, between her hit albums and becoming the youngest artist to write a James Bond theme for No Time To Die (which she won an Oscar for early this year), along with contributing to the soundtrack for Disney’s Turning Red and releasing a documentary, concert special and guesting on The Simpsons. As the young pop star has accomplished all that, she’s also become a fashion icon. This holiday season, as you treat yourself or shop for fans of Billie Eilish for Black Friday 2022, consider these deals that will allow you to wear her looks without the expensive price tags. 

Billie Eilish’s signature looks have varied throughout the years, but it comes down to her love of streetwear, oversized styles, edgy thrift and vintage picks and influences from her love of anime. Oftentimes Eilish is rocking expensive designer brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Chanel, but there’s no need to break the bank to wear looks inspired by the “Happier Than Ever” singer. I found numerous deals that scream Billie Eilish’s fashion sense for your holiday internet shopping. Check out this guide from a fellow fan of the artist: 

Walking In Billie Eilish’s Shoes 

Billie Eilish is an absolute sneaker gal, and she really knows how to use her love for comfortable shoe wear to help inform her unique fashion sensibility. She has showcased her favorite shoes on Instagram throughout 2022, many of which I’ve found great deals on. First off, Eilish has gotten on the platform Converse trend and even took them on tour with her. The new take on the classic Chuck Taylors can be found for a lower price in the deal below her post. 

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$60 Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged 2.0 Sneakers (opens in new tab)

While the singer was on her worldwide tour this year, she also took some photos in chunky black boots called Moon Boots alongside a black ensemble, including a lace trimmed skirt and a trucker hat. This trend can get pricey in the neighborhood of $200, but I found a deal for half that price. It would be a trendy pick perfect for the winter season. 

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$152 Quilted Logo-Print Ankle Moon Boots (opens in new tab)

It's also worth noting that Billie Eilish has collaborated with Nike on sneakers as well. One of her recent drops is a mushroom-colored number with front touch straps. These shoes are selling on Billie Eilish’s site for $170, but I found a cheaper way to nab these special edition shoes. 

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$155 Nike Air Force 1 High "Billie Eilish" Sneakers (opens in new tab)

There’s more where that came from. Now that we have shoes covered, let’s look to one of the singer’s comfy clothing from “Lost Cause.” 

Deals Inspired By Billie’s Seductive Lost Cause Music Video

Billie Eilish’s music video fashion is always on point, but one that particularly stands out is the one for “Lost Cause,” off her most recent album. The banger of the track sees Billie Eilish and other girls dazzling in loungewear as they dance and enjoy each other’s company. The music video has Eilish flaunting her casual style and sultry, but ‘don’t care’ aura. One of Macy’s Black Friday specials is a sale on a baby blue satin robe that looks just like the one she wears in the video. Check it: 

Billie Eilish in lingerie in Lost Cause music video

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$35 Paloma Satin Wrap Robe  (opens in new tab)

$35 Paloma Satin Wrap Robe  (opens in new tab)

Another great and trendy look Billie Eilish wears in the video is an oversized beige tee and shorts from Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS brand. Designer brands could easily hike up the price of this look, but it’s such a simple one and easy to gift for way less. I found a big chunk of her outfit on Black Friday looks for less, with the shirt and shorts costing less than $50 put together with the below deals. 

Billie Eilish in Lost Cause music video

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$9 ASOS DESIGN Camel Oversized T-Shirt with Crew Neck (opens in new tab)
$31 White Banded Biker Short (opens in new tab)

$31 White Banded Biker Short (opens in new tab)

Billie Eilish’s “Lost Cause” looks are casual, everyday loungewear that doesn’t only emulate the singer, but serves as inspired basics to stock up for yourself or loved ones during the holidays. 

Billie Eilish’s Red Carpet Fashion Made Cozy

Eilish has had a lot of incredible red carpet looks over the years, often from big designer brands that we won’t dare touch. There are a lot of iconic looks the singer has worn that frankly only would work on the red carpet, but I did find one that could be the perfect addition to many’s fall and winter closet. For the 2021 VMAs, Billie Eilish wore a black oversized sweater dress with a midi-length black skirt, accompanied by some leg warmers and platform sneakers. The look falls under the singer’s classic oversized look, but it’s also still very much in and was the inspiration for another great deal I found. 

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This is one of the reasons why I love Billie Eilish’s fashion sense so much. She definitely wears some out-there pieces, but she also has an approachable style that translates to the red carpet as much as it does to our own closet wishes sometimes. 

Billie Eilish singing No Time To Die at 2021 Live Is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas

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Check Out Official Billie Eilish Merchandise For Less

We’ll end this guide on the subject of Billie Eilish merchandise! The singer has a lot of really great designs regarding official clothing with her name on it, some of which is currently on sale. For those who went to Billie Eilish’s recent world tour, they know that her merch can be pretty expensive, and on top of a ticket, it’s not always ideal to spend that much if you were somehow lucky enough to see her live. Thankfully, the singer has a variety of items for sale online, including this white pop art hoodie that is over half off on Amazon. 

$27 Exclusive Billie Eilish Official Happier Than Ever Pop Art Hoodie (opens in new tab)

And then there’s this super cute tee with another cartoon drawing of Billie Eilish with the words “Happier Than Ever” written in pink. This one (which is also available in other colors) is over half off as well. Before the singer inevitably changes her look yet again with her next record, it'll be precious to have a piece of merch like these in your or a fan’s collection to look fondly on over the years. 

$12 Billie Eilish Exclusive Official Au Revoir Happier Than Ever T-Shirt (opens in new tab)

Hopefully our finds helped you out with your holiday shopping! Here’s hoping these deals can get you or a fellow Billie Eilish fan inspired by her signature looks to play around with in your own closets!