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Hugh Jackman Got In A Great Zing In Ryan Reynolds Feud, And This Time Jennifer Garner Is Involved

It's well known when Hugh Jackman or Ryan Reynolds do basically anything, the other will be there to comment on it. While the ongoing “feud” is nothing more than good natured jabs at each other, it will likely never end, and it still isn’t slowing down now. Hugh Jackman appeared at the premiere of Ryan Reynolds new movie, and lamented he had to get a picture with Reynolds and not The Adam Project’s Jennifer Garner.

Hugh Jackman recently attended the premiere of The Adam Project, the new Netflix movie starring Ryan Reynolds as a time traveler that visits his younger self. He posted a picture to Instagram of the occasion, where he says he wanted to get a photo with Jennifer Garner, who plays the mother of Reynolds’ younger self. Instead he got stuck with Reynolds, and his own Real Steel director Shawn Levy. 

Of the various digs that Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds get at each other, this is one of the tamer ones. But at this point you basically expect something like this from them. If the two actors got a picture together and were just perfectly pleasant to each other it would feel like something was terribly wrong. If they ever do have a falling out we'll be able to tell when they stop insulting each other.

This moment follows on Hugh Jackman’s most recent project opening up. The actor is starring on Broadway in a revival of The Music Man. The battle between these two continued there as well. Jackman felt that a billboard for a Ryan Reynolds’ movie close to the one for his show was a personal affront. When the show opened Ryan Reynolds sent his buddy a picture of himself

Jennifer Garner has yet to respond to being thrown into the middle of this little battle. Innocent bystanders are often included when Reynolds and Jackman go at it. The actor’s mothers have been part of various attacks from one to the other, and Reynolds’ wife Blake Lively is certainly no stranger to the insanity

The truth of course is that Hugh Jackman loves Ryan Reynolds. The two actors have used their feud for good at numerous times, raising money for charity or simply bringing attention to worthy causes. And Reynolds has admitted that the truth is that Hugh Jackman is just the nicest guy.

Jackman has also worked with Shawn Levy before as well, and may do so again in the future, as the possibility of the two collaborating again on a Real Steel sequel is not impossible. Perhaps there’s a way we could see all three of these men in this picture work together on something. It would almost have to be an awesome movie. And maybe Levy is the man who can keep the peace between these two. 

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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